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  • September 23 2020
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'History is important, but what we do today matters the most, and we realize that.'

At OpenSense Labs, we make sure you move on from the old glitches you've faced with your website and its performance and give it better and smoother user experience. We use decoupled Drupal to give your website versatile and structured content that the web experiences need. 

Brands these days communicate with their customers, not only through the websites but also through multiple touchpoints. Decoupled Drupal serves content through an API to be consumed by other mediums like mobile applications, kiosk displays, IoT, wearables, etc. Headless Drupal is not a new phenomenon, but with the rising digital era, it is getting more and more important. You can either go for a progressively decoupled approach or fully decoupled approach based on your project requirements and we have successfully launched websites using both the approaches.

Let me take you through the websites created and revamped by us using decoupled Drupal. 

Paramount software solution

Home page of Paramount software solution showing a site built using decoupled Drupal

Paramount software solutions, being one of the leading IT Service providers in infrastructure management, application, blockchain, architecture, etc, protects your investments and enhances your productivity. It provides dependable and integrated business solutions for small and large enterprises. 

Paramount Software Solutions wanted to build a portfolio website that would act as the gateway to its impeccable services. We built the site using Drupal’s powerful capabilities keeping in mind, rich user experience, and streamlined content management.

The need for a headless web application for Paramount software solutions was why Drupal was chosen in the first place.

Simplified content workflow, high web performance, high-level security, and SEO were taken into consideration for building the website. After doing a detailed analysis and taking a lot of feedback from the clients, OpenSense Labs decided to develop this website as a fully decoupled application.

With Drupal, we made sure that the security of the website remains top-notch.
JSON:API and JSON:API Extras modules were used to gain a full rest API for the Drupal application and it was ensured that the resource properties like alias fields, API path, etc could be altered easily. 

The RESTful Web services module was used to provide customizable and extensible RESTful API of data governed by Drupal. 

HTTP basic authentication was used to offer the functionality of authenticating username and password.

The full case study of Paramount Software Solutions is available on


Home page of AgWeb

AgWeb is the most influential web-property of Farm journal, which is one of the leading business information and media companies. AgWeb is an online platform for farmers to stay informed about the news of crop and livestock farming, live future trading data, market assessment, ag policy, weather forecast, and more.

AgWeb wanted to enhance its website and needed a solution to keep up with the changing landscape of web technologies. This required a complete migration of their old .NET based legacy website into the state-of-the-art CMS of Drupal and then retain the wonderful search engine rankings gathered by it over the years.

The main objective here was to enhance user engagement and brand identity. In this process, a lot of feature upgrades had to be done to make it simpler for future development.

By choosing Drupal 8, AgWeb could tailor its media solutions. It became easy to create a listing with the assistance of views and enhance speed, scale, and stability. 

We planned the project in sprint-based development cycles and for the successful migration of content from the old .NET website to Drupal 8, the Scrum process was applied. 

Progressively decoupled blocks were used to build features like search and crop comments. We were able to improve the on-site search with the help of React and Elasticsearch

Drupal 8 gave the website a modernized look which resulted in higher user management. Drupal's support assured that the page load time of the website is much lesser than the old one. The website's Google rankings accelerated with the help of SEO enhancements.

The full case study of AgWeb is available on

Produce Market Guide

Home page of Produce Market guide

The PMG is also a product of Farm Journal. It is a resource that produces commodity information, data analysis, and trends. This platform shared information on fresh fruits and vegetables and is also the industry's leading source of information and news.

There were not many features required in the architecture, as the PMG website was already based on Drupal. So, the joint client-vendor system decided to progressively decouple the search functionality. This new search feature was built using React and elastic.

Drupal was chosen because of its flexibility. The customer already had prior experience with Drupal. And the built-in API-first support and easy third-party integration added to the many reasons why Drupal should be used again.

They wanted us to build search applications with facets and track user activities for personalized and smooth user experience.

Elastic backend architecture was developed using the ElasticSearch Connector module. Then, the biggest challenge was to add the SearchKit and React in the same search. SearchKit was used to design and develop the front end, the logic, and the project structure.

The new PMG website now takes less time to load than before. The project did not even take a month to complete. We followed the principles of Scrum and Agile by arranging themselves according to their needs.

The full case study of Produce Market guide is available on


Decoupled Drupal has helped websites in many ways and we love creating and revamping websites using it. It gives a content-rich experience, with a great presentation layer. 

If you love what we have done to these websites, and wish to have the same experience for yours, contact us at [email protected]

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