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Drupal Upgrade and Migration

Migrate from any legacy CMS or simply upgrade to new Drupal versions with minimal migration downtime or any surprises.

Why Migrate to Drupal

Powerful Performance

Gain impeccable performance out-of-the-box with Drupal. Combine it with any JavaScript frameworks and third-party integrations without slowing down your performance.

Boundless Scalability

With Drupal, scale and manage an unprecedented rise in traffic without any challenges. More content and more users won’t worry you ever again.

Headless Experiences

Leverage Drupal’s boundless flexibility through decoupling. Let Drupal work on content at the backend, while you create a frontend using a framework you want to.

Mobile-first Support

With Drupal’s responsive design, give your users an exceptional experience of your platform every time irrespective of the device they are on.

Effortless Content Authoring

Create, publish and manage content easily on Drupal. Simplify content creation & management for your marketing & content with efficient editorial workflows.  

Elevated Security

With dedicated security team and the largest developer community, the coding standards and reviews are exhaustive. Security issues in Drupal are rare.

Our Migration Services

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Drupal Migration

As certified Drupal Platinum partners, our migration experts help you transition seamlessly from any CMS -WordPress, Umbraco, DotNet, Sitecore - to Drupal. Our multiple migration and upgrade success stories let us develop the best-suited migration methodology for you.

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Drupal Upgrade

Upgrading to Drupal 10 needs to be planned now. Our Acquia-certified Drupal developers leverage our proven methodologies to deliver an enhanced user experience with newer Drupal versions.   

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Theme Migration

Our Drupal experts follow the best practice to create and migrate themes while providing the UI/UX you desire. With optimzed functionality and appeal, themes in the new website are simply better.

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Module Upgrade

With a thorough audit, OpenSense Labs’ migration experts help enterprises identify and migrate their core and contributed modules to maintain their functionality & avoid security lapse.

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Data Migration

The most important element of migration is data. Our robust practices and methodologies eliminate surprises and data migration errors with minimal downtime. Our goal is to ensure zero loss of data, no matter the scale.

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SEO Migration

With a comprehensive SEO audit pre and post-migration, our experts scan for issues affecting your site health. Our recommendations also show what needs immediate attention ranging from core web vitals, crawlability issues, & site performance to ensure a post-migration success.

An image displaying the concept of Drupal Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Performance audits, minor version upgrades, security updates, third party updates along with feature enhancement recommendations, we endeavor to keep your platform at its prime always. With 24*7 website monitoring and regular reporting, you can rest assured that our team will give your platform the attention it deserves.

Our Migration Approach


  • Audit and Strategise 
    Thorough audit to identify and evaluate your website features, functionalities, modules, content, & SEO strategy. Based on the findings, we curate your migration strategy.
  • Migration
    Once key pages are extracted, business stakeholders aligned, & content transition plan is identified, the website migration is initiated.
  • Regression Tests
    Functional and non-functional tests are done to evaluate the performance of your platform post-migration.
  • Deploy and Launch 
    The goal is a smooth and seamless integration of your platform with the current system. Once test cases are performed, our team deploys the product and it goes live.


OpenSense Labs as Your Migration Partners

Certified Experts

90+ specialists including Acquia certified Drupal developers & Certified SCRUM Masters and Product Owners

Drupal Partners

We are certified Drupal Platinum Partners and among Top 10 Drupal agencies globally

Proven methods & methodologies

Our team guarantees that all measures are taken to ensure full recovery protocols are at place while taking or restoring backups

Discover the endless possibilities with Drupal. Get in touch