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Drupal Performance Tuning

Switch to delivering a faster user experience with higher user retention and more revenue.  

Deliver impactful experiences faster

A second delay in load time results in 7% reduced conversions

Page speed has become a factor for ranking in search engines. 

Google has indicated that site speed (and as a result, page speed) is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. In addition, a slow page speed means that search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allocated crawl budget, and this could negatively affect your indexation.

These metrics quantify lag times or other technical factors that can negatively impact how an online audience engages with a web page. 

Maintaining a speedy page load time is integral to boosting conversion rates and sales revenue. While a few extra seconds may not seem like a big deal, statistics show that as each second passes, the potential to lose out on prospective customers increases.

Website load times impact conversion rates and, as a result, your business as a whole. Ensuring your load time is as efficient as possible doesn't necessarily take a long time or a significant amount of effort, but it does require some thought.

Speed Matters


Consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to purchase online


Consumer said they’d be willing to give up animation and video for faster load times.

1 second  

Delay reduces customer satisfaction by 16% 

What is Performance Budgeting & Tuning? 

Performance tuning improves the performance ratio for your digital property by reallocating the available resources. Reallocation of these resources not only improves the performance, but also accommodates an increase in the amount of work to be performed with minimal acquisition of additional resources. 

Having a predefined performance budget, set out early in the project and before any actual designing begins, you have a structure to gauge your design decisions against.

An added advantage is that the performance budget helps explain to stakeholders why certain features have been omitted or changed.

At OpenSense Labs, we help you set free of these constraints as your website scales. 

Why OpenSense Labs

Post-Development Support

Our dedicated support and maintenance services consist of Drupal experts who have developed, modified and enhanced some of the most challenging and traffic-heavy Drupal websites on the web.

Automated Processes

Automation applied at all stages including deployments, accessibility testing, user testing, security releases and performance budgeting.

Multidisciplinary teams

We ensure dynamic availability of allocated resources, technical consultancy, defined pods which are self-managed and cross-functional, and provide the scope for interchanging resources.

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