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Product Engineering

End-to-end product engineering services to help you accomplish goals head-on with increased operational efficiency, accelerated time-to-market and major cost savings.

Product focussed strategies for faster go-to-market

Delivering high quality and cost-effective automated engineering solution

We are a full-lifecycle product engineering and software development company that unites complex engineering experience, design, and prompt delivery to bring you exceptional software products in the shortest time. Using the dogmatic agile product development methodology and implementing end-to-end product engineering solutions, the skilled engineers of OpenSense Labs do their work on schedule and on budget.

Our post-development assistance is essential in helping customers grow their businesses and save operating expenses. We love to help our customers realize their business strategy through product engineering, platform solutions and unique engineering experiences. 

OpenSense Labs has helped 100+ clients launch over thousands of products in the last seven years. Our passion for helping our customers succeed in the global market through engineering innovation and experience. Our team has developed futuristic sustainable products for leaders in Education, Retail, Healthcare, and Hospitality. 

Product Engineering Benefits


Saves cost with portfolio upgradation without upgrading the internal engineering team.  

Accelerated time to market

Reduce time-to-market by effective product development, testing, and maintenance in a shorter product life cycle.

Higher customer satisfaction

Quickly deploy the products with new features and functionalities that customers want.

Improved Productivity

Achieve a high degree of automation in business operations with improved efficiency.

New Opportunities

Adopt newer trends and technologies to tap newer venues and opportunities.

Our Product Engineering Process

  • Kickoff & Discovery: This is the initial stage, which involves conceiving the idea and at the same time documenting it in terms of specifications and requirements. The discovery process initiates internal discussions between project and product management. Expectations and best possible strategy. 
  • Design: Once the concept is finalized, the next phase is to bring the concept to life by creating product designs. Any improvements and changes are also made in this phase before the design is finalized.
  • Prototype development: Prototypes are quickly produced to test and validate the design, adding feedback and improvements to enhance the ease of manufacturing.
  • Testing: A developed product always has to undergo stringent quality checks to validate that the developed product is fault-free and can be used as intended. Any faults need to be identified during this phase and then required changes, modifications or rectification is done in order to release the product.
  • Release: Once the product is developed, it is then released into the market. Feedback has to be collected from users to further improve the product in the following versions. It can also be given to external product testers to understand the user experience.
  • Support & Maintenance: Continuous maintenance and support have to be provided until the product reaches the end of the lifecycle and is replaced by another product or a variant.

Why OpenSense Labs

Partners in Innovation  

Strong track record with clients as the software engineering partner of choice for the world’s leading software product companies.

Battle-tested Delivery Processes   

90% success rate to deliver the project within the budget decided at the start using incident management, automated tests and parallel sprints.

Automated Process and checkpoints  

Automation applied at all stages including deployments, accessibility testing, user testing, security releases and performance budgeting.

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