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Drupal Support and Maintenance 

Keep your website functioning smoothly with robust Drupal Support and Maintenance models and achieve your business goals.  

Ensure peak performance for your web applications

Without support and maintenance your website quickly and significantly loses value

Regardless of the technology, running a website without periodical maintenance may land you in functionality, security, and performance troubles. Getting it resurrected is a more costly affair than choosing the right hands and keeping it well-maintained for robust functioning.

Our Support & Maintenance models are designed to provide support in the day-to-day operations of the website and serve your visitors better with flawless interaction. Our support hours run alongside business hours but are stretchable as per your needs.

Our robust Drupal Support and Maintenance models ensure your web applications function at their full potential, helping you achieve your goals.

Our Support and Maintenance Model

Bucket Model: Proactive Approach

In the Bucket model, a fixed number of hours are dedicated every quarter, which can be utilizable per needs and requirements. These hours are also adjustable during the three-month period.

If you are looking for a faster turnaround time for bug resolutions, the Bucket Model is more suited to your needs. 

  • The guaranteed turnaround time is 24 hours and the issue resolution time is 24-72 hours after reporting
  • Monitor server logs and load every 3 hours to check for abnormal behavior
  • Monitor Drupal logs to check for unreported errors in the application
  • The three months period is chargeable as per hourly requirements every month

On-the-go Model: Reactive Approach

Support and Maintenance in this model is based on your needs. With on-the-go model, there are no fixed hours. The number of hours consumed during the month is chargeable at the end of month. With a guaranteed first response is 36 hours our usual bug resolution time ranges from 1-5 days.

Tasks that are executable under this support models are:

  • Keeping up with security upgrades
  • Fixing minor bugs
  • Making essential improvements
  • Tweaking Drupal views, blocks or rules
  • Other site administration tasks as Drupal webmaster

Our Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

Website Audit   

Our team performs a systematic review of your Drupal websites like code inspection and error identification. In addition to that experts update the store whenever requirement is raised.

Modules & themes update  

Upgrading to the Drupal latest version is the most important thing to avail best features. We can help with the upgrade as it is a complex process to execute.

Security updates  

Our team monitors the Drupal website regularly to identify issues before they hamper the performance and sales. Website scanning, downtime and hosting issues are resolved during website monitoring.

Speed Optimization  

Our Drupal speed optimization service is meant to lower the website loading time in order to offer users an improved shopping experience for higher business revenues.

Ongoing Maintenance 

Our maintenance services take care of the Drupal website for the smooth running of the store as well as manage the issues at ground level for improved performance.

Emergency Support  

We are available 24/7 so that any error present is fixed and the performance of the Drupal website is not affected at any cost. Sudden issues are the most challenging to running a website properly.

Why choose OpenSense Labs as your Partner

Cost-benefit analysis at our core   

We propose an ideal solution that is cost-effective, comprehensive and most suited for your business model to avoid unnecessary expenses for your business.

Client-driven approach & employee first policy

Not only do we strive for delivering value to the clients what putting their business needs and requirements on top of the funnel, we also make sure to help our employees grow and upskill in the process thereby advancing to better roles.


We are radically transparent with our clients by being more open about our products, prices and results to improve our efficiency and build trust.


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