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Decoupled Drupal

Experience the perfect blend of traditional and headless CMS features, ensuring robust and adaptable digital capabilities.

Craft Once, Impact Everywhere

Easy, fast, and flexible

Ensuring content that seamlessly adapts across various platforms is no trivial task. With Decoupled Drupal, it becomes second nature.

OpenSense Labs specializes in crafting multifaceted omnichannel experiences using Decoupled Drupal. Be it content for IoT devices, conversational UIs, digital signages, or AR—our experts have a solution for every challenge.

Marketer’s Playbook: Decoupled Drupal

Faster time to market

Harness faster deployments, genuine messaging, and unparalleled user engagements designed for the modern marketing landscape.

Relay the right message to the customers

Empower developers with the autonomy to iterate swiftly, accelerating campaign launches and feature deployments.

Boost Your Revenue

Unshackle your creativity from backend limitations, ensuring your true message reaches its intended audience with impact.

Build user engagement  

Personalise your frontend and mirror your audience's preferences. Drive both engagement and revenue up.

Navigate Content Smoothly

Sketch captivating content journeys sans backend intricacies, ensuring users are consistently engrossed.

Ready for Tomorrow

Stay ahead with a system that not only meets today's demands but is also flexible enough to adapt to tomorrow's innovations.

Faster website performance

Decouple and witness a significant boost in website speeds, resulting in enhanced user satisfaction and interaction rates.

Blend & Extend with Ease

Seamlessly blend with a myriad of marketing tools, analytics platforms, and social hubs, drawing richer insights to fine-tune your strategies.

Tailored Touchpoints for Users

With Decoupled Drupal, curate profoundly personalized user experiences, ensuring every campaign hits its mark.

The Power of Decoupled Drupal

Decoupled CMS, by design, emphasizes back-end over the front-end, often offering limited editorial tools for layout and presentation. This is where Drupal shines, offering a solution that seamlessly bridges this gap.

Drupal stands out by facilitating a decoupled architecture, backed by industry-standard integrations like JSON:API, GraphQL, OpenAPI, and CouchDB.

What truly sets Drupal apart is its intuitive user interface. Editorial teams appreciate its browser-based layout capabilities, letting them drag-and-drop components effortlessly without always depending on developers.

Opt for Decoupled Drupal and unlock unparalleled freedom in crafting digital narratives across diverse channels. It not only centralizes content but also empowers users to choose their desired tools for content dissemination across platforms.

Why Choose OpenSense Labs?

Discovery Workshop  

From the outset, we prioritize delivering tangible value. Our discovery process is grounded in actionable data, ensuring our partnership begins on the right note, devoid of any risks.

Cost-benefit analysis at core   

We craft solutions tailored to your unique business model, emphasizing both efficacy and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your resources are utilized optimally.

Client-driven approach  

Every effort we make centers around your business aspirations and requirements. Your priorities guide our strategies, ensuring a partnership built on mutual growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between monolithic architecture and decoupled architecture?

The fundamental difference between Monolithic and Decoupled architecture can be detected with the degree of usage of Drupal’s entire software. Your choice will come down to the needs of your project and your intentions for the same.

Fully decoupled vs Progressively Decoupled Drupal. Which one to choose?

In fully decoupled, the CMS becomes a data provider, and a JavaScript application communicates with Drupal through web service APIs. Whereas, the progressively decoupled architectural approach enables the website editors to leverage the administrative interfaces, content workflows and other traditional methodologies of creating, editing, and publishing content through Drupal.

When to use Decoupled Drupal?

It depends on numerous factors. When your back-end and front-end needs are separate, you can support new architecture, you have to cater to different content channels, among others.

Which frontend technology to choose

Any Javascript Frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue can be some of the best frontend technologies for your decoupled architecture.

Looking to expedite your headless project?