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Drupal 9

Deliver powerful digital experiences with OpenSense Labs’ Drupal 9 development, migration and upgrade services  

Why Upgrade to Drupal 9?

Easy Upgrade

Drupal 9 promises easy upgrades with biannual feature additions  

Long Term Security

Stay ahead with security updates as Drupal community moves away from Drupal 7 and 8

Better Performance

Enhance your site’s performance with Drupal 9’s mobile-first approach and improved caching

Backward Compatibility

Build on the existing modules and configurations and take your current site’s functionalities forward with Drupal 9  

Future Proof

Deliver an impressive user experience with a mighty frontend built on JS frameworks and Drupal API-first approach

Less Code

With less deprecated code and better performance only move forward in your digital experience journey

Drupal 9 Services

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Drupal 9 Upgrade and Migration

Whether you are migrating from another CMS to Drupal or moving from Drupal 7/8 to 9, our Acquia-certified Drupal experts will deliver a smooth & lossless data migration. Our proven methodologies and best practices ensure that you don't lose any of your search engine visibility in the process

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Drupal 9 Design and Development

Our expert Drupal 9 developers are skilled at creating end-to-end customized digital solutions to best suit your needs. With the no-risk discovery, we are able to understand your technology and design requirements & create solutions built on the most scalable and secure content management foundation

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Drupal 9 Support and Maintenance

Code reviews, bug fixes, server management to security updates -  our custom support & maintenance plans help businesses keep a fast & secure website. With our cost-effective Drupal 9 support and maintenance service, you can free yourself from maintenance struggles to focus on core operations.

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Drupal 9 Custom Module and Theme Development

With our enhanced Drupal web development support services, we align with your custom requirements by developing Drupal 9 modules and themes tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced Drupal developers can deliver exactly what you need and on-schedule.  

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Third-Party Integrations

Our Drupal developers facilitate configuration with external third-party applications - like CRMs, payment gateways, newsletter services, chatbot - to enrich your Drupal website with powerful capabilities without reinventing the wheel.  

Why OpenSense Labs

Certified Team  

Certified Acquia Drupal developers, SCRUM Masters and Product Owners

Scaling Support  

Overcome any scalability challenge with our expertise in integrating Drupal with services that suit your infrastructure needs

Accredited Drupal Partners  

Our Silver Drupal Certified Partnership and Drupal Association Supporting Partnership speaks for our acumen in Drupal.

Project Management Methodology    

Follow innovative and unique Drupal development and migration project methodology

Uncompromised Communication

Experience high priority on effective and transparent communications with adequate responses every time

Drupal 9 FAQS

What happens to Drupal 7 and 8 post Drupal 9’s release? Will it still have security coverage?    

Since Drupal 7 will continue receiving community support until November, 2023, it would be secure. However, support for Drupal 8 ceased in November, 2021. There is the option of choosing extended support from Drupal vendors at an additional fees.  

What are the benefits of Drupal 9 over Drupal 8 or Drupal 7?

  New and improved features every six months and a cleaner and leaner codebase for you to work with. Drupal 9 embodies everything that Drupal 8 had in its forte without the deprecated code and with every bi-annual release it would boast new and innovative additions.      

What's the best way to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9?

Upgrading from Drupal 7 to 9 is essentially rebuilding your platform through migration. Although the fundamental architecture of Drupal 7 and Drupal 9 isn't the same, the approach of managing structure data is similar. With improvements in Migration APIs in Drupal 8, migration has definitely become easier than it was during the launch of Drupal 8.  

Is the Drupal 9 upgrade different for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8?

Yes. Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 were drastically different versions of the same CMS, while Drupal 9 is an improved version of Drupal 8 without the deprecated code. Since the fundamental architecture is the same, upgrading from Drupal 8 to 9 is regarded as the easiest in a decade.  

What kind of multilingual support does Drupal 9 offer?

All the multilingual features available in Drupal 8 come packaged in Drupal 9 as well. Future improvements to enhance multilingual functionalities would be made in Drupal 9. We strongly encourage you to get on Drupal 9 to enjoy the perks of its continuous innovation cycle.  

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