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Drupal Audit

Future-proof your Drupal site with OpenSense Labs’ no-risk discovery audit. We identify pain points, keep them in check and deliver an optimized site.

Why Audit Your Drupal Website?

Your Drupal website can accumulate a range of issues over time, which can severely impact your site’s potential and the way your users interact with it. 

A comprehensive website audit is the solution. It helps you optimize your Drupal website and stay on top of your organizational goals. As your technology partners, we enable you to eliminate the barriers between you and the growth of your business and keep your Drupal site performing impeccably well.

What Can Drupal Audit Do for Your Website?

Elevated Performance

Identify, fix and stabilize aspects like excessive code, page structures, layout and images for a speedy Drupal site.

Improved SEO

Enhance on-page SEO elements with right Drupal modules for a more visible site on every search engine.

Updated Website

Drupal modules, themes and core get a new and improved version frequently, with Drupal audit, your site can stay updated without fail.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Drupal audit gives you a fully optimized site with minimal performance and security issues, minimizing your maintenance costs.

What Does Drupal Audit Include? 

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Stakeholder Interviews

Our Drupal experts conduct extensive interviews with your stakeholders to get a detailed analysis into your website’s current health and understand your future vision in terms of functionalities and performance.

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User Experience Analysis

We enable you to streamline your users' interaction and navigation of your site, eliminating any problematic areas. Through our audit, we evaluate your digital product’s UX and target and identify any usability problems to find you the best resolution.

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Core and Contrib Modules Updates

Your entire site is put under the microscope by our Drupal experts. From outdated modules to missing functionalities, we take care of everything that falls under Drupal core and our community contributions make us adept at updating Drupal Contrib modules as well.

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Custom Theme and Module Assessment

If your site has a range of custom themes and modules for added functionality on top of Drupal core and contrib modules, our team is equipped to check and review the custom code involved. We don’t just pinpoint the issues, we rectify them as well.

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Security Updates

Our Drupal audit is curated to help you meet industry standards, this includes updating your security. We identify potential security vulnerabilities that can be detrimental, perform bug fixes and deliver security patches to keep your Drupal site threat-proof.  

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Site Infrastructure Review

We help you make your site infrastructure effective. Evaluating and streamlining your DevOps processes, optimizing your hosting architecture and gauging your current state of systems, applications and networks, we give you a stable and efficient infrastructure.  

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Content and SEO Analysis

Our Drupal audit services analyze your website for content and SEO practices. By leveraging the right Drupal modules and our own custom tools, we ensure that your site is always optimized for search engine bot crawlers.

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Performance Evaluation

Our experts audit your Drupal site’s performance and speed metric against industry benchmarks. We examine any speed issues in comparison with average response times and pinpoint and enhance the concerning areas.

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Future-ready Audit

We perform audits to deliver websites that have plentiful room to scale for any and all future requirements. Our team aims to provide you with a digital blueprint that will enable you to achieve your future business and technical objectives. 

Why OpenSense Labs?

Discovery Workshop

Our project discovery approach helps deliver value to the clients from the very beginning, make decisions based on actionable data and involve zero risks.

Automated Processes & Checkpoints  

Automation applied at all stages including deployments, accessibility testing, user testing, security releases and performance budgeting.

Client cost-benefit analysis  

We propose an ideal solution that is cost-effective, comprehensive and most suited for your business model to avoid unnecessary expenses for your business

Reduce business risks and enhance outcomes. Get your Drupal site audited by experts.