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Cloud Engineering

Upgrade your tech landscape and deliver innovations swiftly to your audience. Seize opportunities and scale effortlessly with our holistic cloud solutions.

Leap into the future with Cloud

Harness the Cloud Potential

The cloud isn't just another tech accessory. It's the cornerstone of modern digital enterprises, propelling them into a data-first future. As cloud adoption skyrockets, many businesses grapple with tapping into its full capacity, thanks to the nuanced demands of cloud-native systems.

At OpenSense Labs, our seasoned Cloud Architects have crafted solutions for numerous Cloud Native Applications and pioneered standalone SaaS products.

Our offerings span the entire cloud spectrum – from strategy and migration to service discovery and optimisation, tailored for your chosen platform.

Journey with us as we navigate the transition from on-premise systems to a robust cloud foundation, transforming your organisation and priming it for expansive growth.

Our Cloud Engineering Services

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Cloud Strategy

Steer with clarity. Our strategy framework ensures your goals align with actionable steps, while sidestepping pitfalls.

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Cloud Migration 

Transition confidently. From on-premise to the cloud or inter-cloud migrations, our team is your guide to a transformative evolution.

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Cloud Development and Integration

Build and synergize cloud-native systems with services like cloud-native software development, container deployment, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

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Managed Cloud Services

Experience cloud management at its best across all prominent providers, from infrastructure operations to cybersecurity.

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Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering

Seamlessly connect and manage your cloud solutions across industry leaders like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Our Process

Our Unique Approach: The TriCloud Model

Kickstart with clear business objectives, progressing to the consolidation phase, and then into our TriCloud Model:

  • Assessment: Dive into detailed vendor evaluations. Employ Migration Decision Trees, tailor-made for each application. Set a clear foundation.
  • Implementation:Draw on deep expertise for precise application migration. Ensure seamless transitions, every step of the way.
  • Continuous monitoring and optimisation: Navigate beyond mere migration. Prioritize smart routing in the cloud. Monitor rigorously, aiming for sustained peak performance.

Why OpenSense Labs

Discovery Workshop

Gain invaluable insights right from the start, grounded in data and risk-free strategies.

24/7 Support

Two dedicated contacts per project ensure round-the-clock support, even across challenging time zones.

Post-Migration Excellence

Count on our cloud experts, skilled in managing and enhancing high-traffic Drupal platforms, for post-migration success.


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