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Serverless Consulting and Development

Experience a world free from tech barriers with our tailored consulting and development approach. Choose serverless to scale smoothly and speedily.  

Why Serverless Web Development

Automatic Scaling

Begin small, expand seamlessly. Auto-scaling assures service excellence.

Boosted Productivity

Optimise tasks and elevate IT. Achieve up to an 80% efficiency boost.

Rapid Release Cycles

Overcome tech barriers. Plan, build, and launch projects swiftly with precision.

Transparent Pricing

Use and pay transparently. Zero hidden fees, absolute clarity in costs.

Explore Our Serverless Solutions

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Serverless Consultation

Navigate the serverless terrain confidently. Our experienced team provides insightful guidance, aligning your technology choices seamlessly with your business goals.

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Serverless Development

Future-proof your business with scalable serverless applications. Our expertise ensures that you receive efficient, cost-conscious applications tailored for growth.

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Transition to Serverless

Elevate your operations to the next level. With our robust and secure cloud development services, position your business at the forefront of innovation.

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Staff Augmentation

Bypass the challenges of hiring full-time serverless professionals. Our pool of 90+ experts stands ready, ensuring you have the right talent for optimal results.

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Support & Maintenance

Trust in our dedicated team to manage the intricacies of serverless solutions, allowing you to prioritize and excel in customer-focused initiatives.

Why OpenSense Labs?

Expertise You Can Trust

With 90+ experts, SCRUM Masters, Product Owners, we're committed to excellence in every project.

Strategic Discovery Workshops

Engage in focused solution enhancement. Our detailed workshops steer your serverless path forward.  

Superior Migration Support

With our Serverless experts at hand, navigate confidently through each technological shift.

What our clients say

image of Tanisha Blakely, Farm Journal

Their quality of development and responsiveness to our growing business needs has helped us drive exceptional engagement & revenue.

-Tanisha Blakely, Farm Journal

Ready to migrate to Serverless?  Let's connect