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Drupal 10

Reimagine your customer experience with the potential of Drupal 10.   

What's New in Drupal 10?

Claro administration theme

Claro is a clean, accessible, and powerful administration theme in Drupal Core. It is part of the Admin UI and JS modernization initiative.

Olivero default theme (replacing Bartik).

A new default front-end theme with a modern look and feel. The theme will be WCAG AA conformant and include functionality that supports new features.

Introduction of CKEditor 5 

The editor comes with a well-designed UI and UX, so editors can easily manage media and tables as well as use advanced features, such as auto-formatting, and mentions.

Easy Upgrades

Easy upgrades with drupal-rector and the number of contribution projects already ported.

Distributions, Starter Kits, & Recipes

The new recipes functionality seeks pre-defined 'recipes' that assembled Drupal functionality for specific needs.

Drupal 10 Initiatives

Drupal 10 will release on 11 December 2022. This upgrade, like the transition from Drupal 8 to 9, will be for any well-built and well maintained Drupal site. 

Automatic Updates and Project Browser are two key upcoming features for Drupal 10 that are being built as contributed modules. 

  • Automatic Updates module applies patch-level updates to Drupal core in a separate, sandboxed copy of your site, to keep you up and running until the update is completely ready to be deployed.  It can detect and report problems at every stage of the update process, so you don't have to find out about them after an update is live. It automatically detects database updates in an incoming update, and helps you run them during the process.
  • Project Browser makes it easy for site builders to find modules and themes. Once a project is selected, instructions are provided on how to install the extension on your site. The browser lives inside the Drupal site itself on a new Browse tab under Extend. This means you don't need to leave your site in order to look for projects.

Drupal 10 Support you Need

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Drupal 10 Upgrade and Migration 

Whether you are migrating from another CMS to Drupal or moving from Drupal 7/9 to 10 , our Acquia-certified Drupal experts will deliver a smooth & lossless data migration. Our proven methodologies and best practices ensure that you don't lose any of your search engine visibility in the process  

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Drupal 10 Support and Maintenance

Code reviews, bug fixes, server management to security updates -  our custom support & maintenance plans help businesses keep a fast & secure website. With our cost-effective Drupal 9 support and maintenance service, you can free yourself from maintenance struggles to focus on core operations.  

Plan your Drupal 10 migration today!