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24/7 Support & Maintenance

Website support & maintenance services to safeguard against technical blind spots and keep your digital reputation up and running.

Keep your website up-to-date & performance flawless

With any new software, it can take a lot of work to figure out where to start. And even once you’re up and running, you want to be sure your growth doesn’t plateau. 

Website maintenance looks like an easy step to skip if your budget is tight.

As much as any company or organization can spend on maintaining its website, issues can, and almost always will, arise from time to time, some more critical than others.

OpenSense Labs can not only help with the deployment and maintenance of your website but also provide access to our world-class 24x7 emergency and "round the clock" support services. 

Whatever the issue that arises, companies and organizations can rest assured that our support experts can get to the bottom of what happened, sort out the issue and assist with the quickest, most economical fix for the problem.

Our Support & Maintenance Services

Emergency Support

We are available to support you 24/7. Our online ticketing system enables you to reach out in emergencies or as and when you need and see the progress of your concerns in real-time.

Performance Optimization

Having a predefined performance budget set out early in the project and before any actual designing begins, you have a structure to gauge your design decisions against.

Security Updates

Our security experts help you fix bugs, identify vulnerabilities, and secure your website by performing security patch updates on time.

24/7 Website Monitoring

Our uptime monitoring tools check your site for critical errors around the clock. If a critical error is detected, our team is notified immediately so we can respond.  

Ongoing Maintenance   

Our maintenance services can help enterprise-level entities maintain their complex, integrated and/or multi-site/property environments.  

Disaster Recovery

Depending on the specific needs, we can commit to having a fully functional service restored with an alternate provider in as little as 60 minutes.  

As Your White Label Partner

Get your clients’ sites managed, monitored, and updated for you. Have confidence in knowing your clients’ sites are looked after by Drupal experts for security, speed, uptime, backups, and even their edit requests! 

Our White-label Partner Program is made for digital, hosting, creative, and marketing agencies that want to offer website maintenance packages to their clients without having to perform technical support themselves or hire and manage their own team to do so. 

Signs you need Support & Maintenance

  • Your existing development team's skill set is not enough to match the criteria of your growing business
  • You need assistance to introduce new business processes that require adding custom advancements and functionalities
  • Your legacy software requires modernization to align with the current business needs
  • Your product's UI/UX needed an update to create the right level of engagement
  • You need an advanced skillset to integrate new modules in your existing product for worry-free business continuity

Why OpenSense Labs

Minimum overlap from different time zones

Alignment of 2 direct contacts for 24/7 support in emergency situations thereby efficiently handling overlaps caused by different time zones.

Multidisciplinary team

Dynamic availability of allocated resources, technical consultancy, defined pods that are self-managed and cross-functional, and provide the scope for interchanging resources.

Battle-tested Delivery Processes

90% success rate to deliver the project within the budget decided at the start using incident management, automated tests and parallel sprints.  

Looking for world-class 24x7 emergency and round-the-clock support services? Let's talk