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Create transformative user experiences with our end-to-end Design services that impact your customers across all touch points.

Driving success through Design

Our expert UX Designers bring together design-thinking and software engineering excellence to help build digital products that create immersive experiences.

Design, along with integrated technology and digital innovation, drives value through extraordinary customer experiences. Looking to start with a fresh web design for your business and increase your bottom line? 

Our UX experts know what you need to do, to have a website that drives success for your business. To stand out in the crowded online space, they also help you understand consumer behaviors and expectations. 

Our experts create high-quality experiences that are based on empathy, analytics, and the right technology to engage customers and employees in meaningful ways. We bring together design thinking and software engineering excellence to help build digital products that create immersive experiences.

For us, Design is about moving forward with sustainable features.

Our Services

UI Design and UX Consulting  

Our UX/UI experts first understand your business objective with a workshop. Their solution reflects both your needs and emerging user experience trends.

Design Audit  

Our audits identify design concerns while providing an impartial view of your website’s strengths and weaknesses with actionable recommendations and a roadmap.

Digital Prototyping  

Our test-and-learn methodology is at the core of all product development—proving it to be more effective. With prototyping, Innovate faster to match your website/app experience with user expectations. 

UI/UX Design  

Our motto is to build holistic digital experiences that imbibe best design practices and standards. 

Our Process

An image displaying the steps of a design process

Why OpenSense Labs

Parallel Sprint   

Our teams have two teams with two sprints working in parallel to negate the possibility of uncertainty from all the requirements.

Battle-tested Delivery Processes

95% success rate in delivering the project within the budget decided using incident management, automated tests, and parallel sprints.


We are constantly striving to adapt to the clients’ specific needs that may change anytime during the project journey.

Together let’s craft functional user design experiences that bring more conversions!