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  • February 11 2020
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Amanda Jerelyn

Project management, more than anything, depends upon the leadership skills of a project manager. Like any task to be delegated, a project is likely to be completed successfully only if there is a competent leader behind it. There are many steps involved in completing a project that requires continuous improvement. Therefore, each step needs to be completed successfully in order to accomplish the task at hand.

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According to a research survey conducted by Pulse of Profession 2019, organizations wasted approximately 12% of their investments in projects due to poor performance. These figures go on to show that companies are willing to spend a good enough amount to undertake newer projects. However, delegating the task successfully is what matters. And it is purely driven by the project manager’s leadership skills.

7 ways a project manager can practice effective leadership skills

Here are seven ways a project manager can practice successful leadership skills to delegate company projects successfully.

Keeping a welcoming and positive attitude

First and foremost, any team requires a leader that carries a welcoming, open approach. It is necessary because a team project requires the team to work as a single unit working towards a mutual goal. If the team hesitates in delegating their shortcomings and discussions with their team lead, then it highly likely that the project would face greater issues right for them get-go. A leader will always be open to team feedback, complaints, and correcting whatever issues that may arise as these projects carry the prospect of having opinions and decisions of many working together. Thus, it is essential that whatever discussions take place or opinions are formed, the manager has a welcoming attitude to allow his team members to practice their freedom of speech.

Sharing a clear vision with others on board

A project manager should have a broad perspective to see the bigger side of things and an even bigger mindset to understand that a successful project will require time, patience, leadership and teamwork in perfect combination to delegate it. Having a mutual goal as a vision on board with everyone in the team is absolutely essential. If the manager is not aligned with what the team is working on and is not looking after what their respective responsibilities are, then the purpose of a team project can be severely compromised. Therefore, it is necessary to share a clear vision with the team to keep your discussions and work aligned.

Having integrity and diligence

One of the natural skills that a leader should have is to be able to gain his team’s trust. Without having integrity and perseverance to work yourself and ask your team to work for you, you won’t be able to get things done. And one of the main goals of working on a project in a group is to get things done primarily. It is a step by step process that gradually takes the desired shape. If left in between because a team-lead was not able to make his teamwork or was not able to get after the tasks himself than it would cost the project its valuable resources.

Solving problems with natural abilities

A project manager, no matter what shortcoming he may have, should be a problem solver by nature. Managing a project and delegating team tasks is nothing more or less than problem-solving. The project that you undertake to work upon is basically the ultimate solution to the problem that has arisen. Therefore, if a project manager lacks problem-solving skills and has no instinctive ideas to get through the procedure, then maybe you should ask your bosses to allow somebody else delegates this project, and perhaps you sit back and observe.

Practising great interpersonal and communication skills

Having excellent communication skills is one of the major qualities that are vital to a project manager’s overall leadership package. A project manager should be able to have a confident and clear tone that is neither condescending nor assertive. Having talked to a wide array of people, he/she should be able to keep the flow of the conversation going, whether it is interpersonal or through work emails. The team members can use a personal statement writing service to have a professional yet an active conversation going with their bosses. Even the team members need to understand if their managers entertain a particular tone or medium of writing.

Making smart decisions and task delegation

It has been continuously mentioned throughout all the points above that a project manager at its core carries a responsibility to delegate tasks, more than anything. The project manager is the mastermind behind all the decisions that are being made with regard to the project. They are supposed to carry all the responsibility of the final verdict that has to be made after all discussions, meetings, and necessary criteria have been outlined with team members. If unable to do so, the project can turn out to be a major failure because somewhere down the line, the project manager was not able to take the decision in the best interests of the organization.

Being honest to his craft and creativity

The project manager is honest about his craft. This means that the person managing the project first and foremost polishes his own skills to prove worthy of the delegation he is going to be performing. The manager might even require taking dissertation help to write down specific research related to the project. But all that would become a part of his work notes. He would utilize them as a map or use them to cite an example as to how a project was previously successfully completed. As well as what creative take does he have on it for the current situation.

Bottom line

In conclusion, a project manager should have an overall skill set that showcases thought, leadership, and exudes confidence to keep the team assigned to the project in check. Many projects might reach a definite conclusion and increase the success rate of the companies if project managers were skilled enough accordingly.

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