By: Jolene Rutherford
February 21 2020

Leverage digital marketing to help your brand grow

You already know what makes your brand different, what makes your customers tick, and how your offers improve your customers’ quality of life. Does the market know that, too? More brands are joining the playing field every day, and you need to compete against well-established businesses as well as the new ones trying to steal the spotlight. Standing out is no longer possible by creating a website and updating your search engine optimization from time to time. To truly bring your brand the attention it deserves and needs to grow, you need a comprehensive digital strategy.

A laptop, a book with its cover page reading 'digital marketing', a plant, a notepad, and a pen kept on a table

Social media marketing, regular promotion, email marketing, and content creation are just some pieces of the proverbial puzzle. Each brand needs to weave its own unique identity and values throughout all of these tactics to make them work in favor of the business. Moreover, you need to let your offline strategies intertwine with your online approach and present your brand consistently. Here are a few vital digital tactics you need to succeed in this day and age.

Influencer collaborations

Word of mouth has changed in the past several years to take on a more digital form. While customers still value other customers’ experiences through reviews and testimonials, working with influencers is an even more effective way to get your brand in front of a larger portion of your target demographic and earn their trust more quickly. Focus on building long-lasting partnerships with relevant influencers in your community to take your digital marketing to the next level.

Quality content

A great portion of your digital presence relies on your ability to produce quality content on a regular basis. Keep an eye on trends in your industry so that you can always provide articles that include a fresh point of view on anything that matters to your target demographic. Videos are another medium perfect for connecting with customers, while live streaming and social media stories produce that FOMO effect to engage your audience even more easily. Consistency is vital, so make sure that you have an ongoing plan of attack for all of your content goals. 

Branded visuals

Writing well-optimized, keyword-infused articles is essential for your ranking in search engines, but also for your brand’s overall credibility. The world of digital marketing has evolved far beyond writing only, so you’ll also need to use visuals, including infographics, animated content, videos, and images that reflect your brand. As a result, more companies specialize in providing visually rich content for brands to improve their positioning in the market.

Among others, experts from the agency Infostarters provide infographics as well as a number of other branded visual materials that aim to portray your brand’s identity while telling a memorable story to engage your customers more easily. That said, if you don’t have the in-house expertise to handle this complex task, you can always collaborate with professionals to make sure your content game is on point.

Social media marketing

Apart from influencer marketing which has earned a separate mention for this article, social media is an intricate opportunity for every brand to grow its presence online. Although many brands still mostly use these platforms for the purpose of sponsored and paid ads, greater exposure, better engagement, and disseminating your content here allows you to grow brand awareness, visibility, and connect with your target audience on an entirely new level.

By sharing your articles, industry insights, and customer stories (hint: user-generated content is a must), your social media accounts transform into awareness-boosting beasts. Attach a relevant question to spark a discussion in the comments, and voila! You have a better chance to inspire engagement, too. 

Ongoing SEO

Content creation, quality images, your social presence – it all depends on this one particular digital marketing strategy, your search engine optimization. With no keywords to disperse throughout your blogs, no smart tags and descriptions for all of your content formats, and with no idea where your customers spend their time, none of the abovementioned strategies will take effect. That’s why you need a more holistic approach to your digital marketing and tie it all together with the help of SEO.

Start with technical SEO and the key parameters your website needs to follow if you want to even stand a chance to be found on Google and other search engines. Things like mobile optimization, fast loading speed, and correct keyword use are essential. Apply the same principles to your content output so that your audience can enjoy your pieces across all devices, with no delay. Keep in mind that using a range of analytics tools and constant monitoring of your SEO efforts is vital for this aspect of digital marketing to work.

End thoughts

What too many companies forget is that each of these marketing tactics cannot work on its own – they all depend on one another for better results. Add to that, none of them work if you treat them like one-time projects and then neglect them for months to come. Your digital marketing strategy should above all be consistent and constantly evolving. Use these tips to create a strategy that will help you grow your brand, and keep adapting on the go to make the most of each individual method you use.