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  • January 31 2020
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There are more than 4 billion internet users globally and more than 5 billion searches are done on Google every day.

Is your business being found online? How can you improve brand identity? Are there ways to customize your website design to improve brand reach and awareness?

Keep reading to learn more.

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An attractive logo, a catchy tagline, and a consistent visual representation all play a significant role when it comes to building brand reach, but these are just a few of the elements needed to make your brand known to the world.

Many people make a mistake to think that establishing a powerful brand identity improves brand awareness but that’s just a battle fought halfway.

According to BestEssayTips, one of the best essay writing service providers on the internet, brand awareness can be quantified by the number of people who interact with your brand positively.

Look, many people think that Coca-Cola is a strong brand because of their amazing logo and recognizable bottle which isn’t the truth. What made Atlanta's famous soda company a strong brand is their unique products.

These days, one of the important aspects of creating brand awareness is customizing your website.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to improve brand awareness by customizing your website design as shared by John Kuman, web designer, Superior Papers.

Is Brand Reach Important for Your Business 

Make no mistake to think that you need the same level of brand awareness like Starbucks, Nike or Adidas.

But even though you don’t need the same level of brand reach as some of these famous brands do, you need to keep your profile above the waters- way higher than your competitors. This will allow you to pull in qualified customers who are looking for your offers.

So brand awareness is important for your business as it helps you stand out from the crowd and attract targeted leads.

Can Your Website Help to Build Brand Awareness?

Even though not all brand awareness strategies happen on your website, it’s still a crucial element for building brand awareness. Your website helps to build brand reach when it comes to content creation, keyword research and targeting, as well as marketing and remarketing.

1. Improve Your Website Performance

The internet has made information readily available at our fingertips. But people are getting impatient. If your website takes ages to download information people will run away from it.

The attention span of our society is going down as people continue to get used to instant solutions.

Creating a website that doesn’t display properly on all browsers and devices can hurt a significant portion of your audience.

Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop and this means more people are shopping and buying online with their mobile phones than with a desktop. Is your website mobile-optimized? 

Ask professional essay writers and they will tell you most of their success is a result of making their websites accessible both on mobile and desktop devices.

2. Enable Sharing

When people discover useful and informative content, they want to share it seamlessly with their friends, colleagues, and relatives. Your website should allow your visitors to do this without redirecting them or forcing them to take any other action than to click a button.

Take advantage of the tons of available plugins that allow users to share content across platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in a single click of a button.

Your readers aren’t going to put any other effort apart from clicking a button to share your content. Make the effort to make it easy for your website visitors to share your content.

3. Publish Interactive Content

Visitors are coming to your website to learn, get entertained, and feel motivated. You need to keep your target audience interested in your brand and interactive content allows you to attract more attention from your visitors which ultimately increases your opportunity to increase brand reach.

Visual content like graphs, charts, infographics, etc. attracts your visitors and makes them stay glued to your content.

The good thing about visual content is that it enables the reader to take away meaning information and share it much faster than text-based content.

4. Optimize Your Website for SEO

Search engines are the main sources of organic traffic, which means when you optimize your website, you have the best chance of reaching new people. 

Optimizing your website for SEO is easier said than done; besides, it’s not an overnight endeavor”, says John Mathews, content marketing specialist, Nerdy Writers

You have to put in a considerable amount of effort, research your competitor, targeting them and constantly update and improve your content. 

Keyword optimization is crucial when it comes to website optimization because you want to target users with the phrases they are entering on search engines when searching for information.

Your website content needs to be organized according to categories as well to allow faster content search and website rankings.

5. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Most companies that offer dissertation writing services have websites that are easy to surf and understand.

Is your website easy to navigate? Can users know where to head to immediately they land on your website’s homepage?

If you want visitors to run away immediately after landing on your website, then make it difficult for them to figure out where to go next.

But if you want them to stick around for a while, make it easy for them to move around your website and interact with your content.

Keep your menu simple and with few elements. Your labels should be as descriptive as possible and your navigation bar should be fixed and visible. That way, your website visitors will be happy to roam around and share your content with others hence increasing your brand reach.

Final Words

Your website is the first point of interaction with your audience. For this reason, it holds the potential to increase brand reach or diminish it.

It’s therefore important to customize your website design to improve the chances of getting recognized by your audience.

Although the information we’ve shared here isn’t enough, it should act as a basis for you to alter your website design the right way to increase your brand reach and attract new customers to your website.

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