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Outsourcing Agencies: Find the Best White Label Drupal Agency

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How exactly does a web development agency manage to round the clock support to its clients without compromising the core business or the hassle of recruiting and managing their own development team? 

One of the solutions is by opting for a White Label Service with those who are experts in the field. 

A profound mantra of success in business is “Don’t try to do everything, or you may accomplish very little”. Seems everyone’s getting the hang of it. And that’s why Staff Augmentation services like White Label are in such demand. 

What is a White Label Service?

White label services are an open partnership with a hidden partner under the “White Label”.

A white label product is produced by one company and marketed by another under the latter’s name or brand label. For the rest, the product is produced by the seller.  

Quite popular in the Web Development and Marketing, it is getting into other areas as well. 

Isn’t White Label the Same as Other Collaborations?

No, under a white label contract, your organization retains the ownership of the finished product. The work, reports are prepared under your label. Whereas the third agency (partner organization) provides an impeccable service and add credits to your name. 

Looking for White Label Services? Check our Drupal Staff Augmentation services

Ownership, project mapping, responsibilities of deliverables is chalked out beforehand. It is important that the support requests are addressed and remain aligned with your business goals. 

Unlike outsourcing, the benefit here is - your organization can concentrate on making your product, services better while focussing on the marketing and selling the product. This simplifies the conversion path while the work is been done for you simultaneously. 

But Why White Label?

Web Development and marketing agencies which offer Drupal Services may not be full-fledged Drupal Agencies and so setting up a support team can considerably drive up the cost and shift the focus from the core business. 

Pareto’s law says you get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts.
  • Focus on What You’re Good At

Drupal is not easy to learn. Keeping in mind the Drupal learning curve, raising an entire in-house support team will be a tougher task and might lead to substandard results. Why not get an on-demand access to the team members by supplementing your existing staff with a third agency’s developers. 

a graph of learning curve with 4 lines for different cms

You focus on what you are good at and they focus on what they do best. 

  • Leave the Job to Subject Matter Experts

Focussed on serving your customers better with additional services but building the support, offering the services is drain you off your resources? Adding up to a huge cost overrun?

Keep at bay any negative effects on existing projects, and reset your priorities. Getting a third party work for you on low-end undertakings is the best way out. 

80% and 20% written on the green board
Pareto's law of 80:20
  • Keep your Customers Happy

Another thumb rule of a successful business is to keep the client happy.  Always. Using a white label can give you a simple and clear path to reaching it. By deducting the extra time it might take you to develop your own solution, your customers have an end goal, and using a white label solution can give them a clear and simple path to reaching it. 

The extra time it might take you to provide a solution can force clients elsewhere for the solution. This loss of revenue can be avoided with a prepackaged solution that meets their needs immediately.

  • Extend Your Service Portfolio

After delivering the core solutions to your client you can sell development and maintenance services once the core solution is delivered. It gives the partner agency, the freedom to extend services that their in-house team might not include.

What Can be the Possible Roadblocks?

Communication Gap: When you pass your vision and item depiction to the next organization keeping in mind the hierarchy, there is a chance that an imperative piece of your vision may get lost en route from project manager to the developer. A similar thing may happen with the feedback loop. The odds that your venture's motivation will be changed and miscommunicated is a plausible risk. 

Project members from both the teams need to communicate well across their geographical divides and beyond the cultural barriers.

Differences in Vision: A lack of vision alignment might be another challenge. Since your business vision might be different from the third party agency, there are chances that the end product may differ. Likewise, the development team ought to be made familiar with your business vision. 

Budget and Deadline Extension: Your in-house team will always be accountable for their daily hours. However, with an extended team, there might come a case where over-the-budget pricing and deadline prolongation is possible. 

A communication gap may lead to delays in the development process, unwanted functions, and designs. Risking money and time might turn to your disadvantage keeping in mind the competition you have today.

How Do We Do It?

Considering these challenges, the best Drupal outsourcing partnership sees its success stemming from how they work, communicate, and engage. At OpenSense Labs, we believe in delivering great values while keeping the process flexible, adaptive, and evolving with our partners. 

Our White Label offering to Digital Marketing companies provides the expertise and bandwidth needed to help them win and retain profitable clients.

  • Risk Management

The objective is to identify the conditions, prioritize them based on their impact on project goals, plan, execute mitigation steps, and track risks during the entire project life.

Detailed risk identification, monitoring, and mitigation plan will be put together as a part of project planning. This will encapsulate the risks (measured for their impact & severity) faced by the project at any point in time as well as the steps identified to mitigate those risks.

  • Costing and Post Development Services

Our costing model is based on initial onboarding, retainer service, Ad-hoc development service.  
Initial Onboarding - This is a fixed one time cost incurred during the induction of the website with OpenSense Labs. 

  • Retainer Service - A fixed number of hours are decided as per the website in collaboration with the client which will exclusively be used to carry out routine support and maintenance tasks in addition to generating identified reports per month.
  • Ad-Hoc Development Service - A fixed number of hours will be decided as per the website in collaboration with the client which will exclusively be used for affecting minor development work, generating specially requested reports and servicing issue based tickets. 
  • A Flexible Support Plan - Staying flexible in business is arguably more important than staying powerful. We not only believe in the theory but also practice it. 

    Keeping the complexity of Drupal in mind, there can be wrong predictions at the start of the project, which may lead to change in timelines. Our process is time-tested and always easy to customize depending on our partner’s need.

That being said we have experienced the issues with the Timezone overlap.

Hours (0-24 hour)
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
OSL Work time - - - - - - - -- -- --          
Client Time             - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

This excel sheet snippet uses New York Standard time as a reference to demonstrate the time zone overlap for collaboration. Assuming the client’s working hours between (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM), it will give us a time overlap of 4 hours.

These 4-hour overlap will be utilized for:

  • General Client On-Boarding Meetings
  • Stand-up Calls(JIRA ticket discussions)
  • Weekly Update Calls

Further, this overlap window can be extended as per the need of the hour and mutual understanding. The ability to adapt is going to make you stay ahead of the curve and by using staff augmentation, you can multiply the intensity of your staff’s output whenever needed.

With an extended support and maintenance Drupal service from OpenSense Labs, you will bring qualified workers in-house to work side-by-side with your full-time employees without the extra cost and liabilities of additional full-time employees.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about our white label solutions, drop a mail at [email protected]. Let’s start the conversation today!



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