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Founder's Note: OpenSense Labs launches office in Bhopal


This blog is written by Vidhathanand, Founder of OpenSense Labs. 

After 7 successful years in Delhi NCR, it’s time to take a step towards expansion of the business by setting up an office in the beautiful city of Bhopal. 

When I and Pritam first set out to learn Drupal during our college years in Bhopal, we didn’t know we would be so engrossed in it. So much so that we went on to start a business providing Drupal services and formally set up an office in Gurgaon in 2015. 

7 years later, having become one of the Platinum Sponsors of Drupal Association, and witnessing the organic growth of the company in terms of size and revenue, we collectively took this decision to double our growth.

It was not a tough choice to opt for Bhopal. We have spent our college days in the city and we are aware that some of the best Engineering colleges are in Bhopal, while there aren’t many IT companies to cater to the graduates every year. 

The City of Lakes ranked 7th in the most liveable state capitals in India in 2021. On the contrary, the IT hubs like Bangalore and Chennai are overly crowded and have a fast-paced life lag behind.

We had a train of thought where we wanted to tap into the huge talent pool available in Bhopal who usually go to these IT hubs for work opportunities. We want to give them a work environment and opportunities right here in Bhopal similar to the ones metro cities have to offer. To add to this, they get to experience a better lifestyle in a peaceful and calm city with a much lower cost of living.

Our goal for Bhopal is to build an IT ecosystem, create a strong tech community, hire highly talented students, and give them proper direction and mentoring. 

Moreover, I have been witness to the fact that people have realised the importance of life outside of work post pandemic. One of the most important lessons we learnt in the pandemic, as UNICEF corroborates as well: Enjoy your life and appreciate what you have. Sounds simple but most of the time we fail to follow this simple mantra.

And, people, post-pandemic, have been looking to live a better life in a city that is free from that fretful haste, that vehement striving, that is everyday becoming more and more the bane of 21st century.

Our vision is to look forward to expanding our business in more such cities with better liveability index in India. Ultimately, we want to create an active Drupal community in Bhopal and the state of Madhya Pradesh.

A peaceful work environment and the beauty of the city of Bhopal to drink in, you can’t get better than this. It’s just the beginning. We look forward to building from hereon and growing more such ecosystems. 


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