How to improve SEO rankings with backlinks

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  • February 19 2020
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Frank Hamilton

Search engine optimization is crucial for every website. It lies at the core of how well your website performs, how many views you get, and how many sales you make. One of the best ways to improve your SEO is by building your backlink profile. Here is how to skyrocket your SEO rankings with backlinks.

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1. Mind the Quality of Your Content

High-quality content always attracts more backlinks than low-quality content. This is why minding the quality of your content is crucial if you really want your content to succeed and aid you in building your backlink profile organically. Here are some tips to help you improve the quality of your content:

  • Research the topic as thoroughly as possible. Don’t overlook important details and always stick to the most accurate data.
  • Include some research findings such as statistics. Always link the sources if you are using specific numbers. If you are using infographics that weren’t made by you, check that the infographics have the source on them.
  • Consider doing your own research on the topic by using surveys. If you own a business, you could ask your customers for feedback and then analyze the data.

2. Experiment with Formats

Diversify your content by using different formats and creating different types of content. It’s not just the text content that you can create such as articles and blog posts but also the visual and audio content such as images, videos, podcasts, and so on. Here are some tips on how to create each of these:

  • Text: Pretty much everything listed in the first step about how to improve the quality of your articles and blog posts.
  • Audio: Podcasts are perfect for creating a more intimate atmosphere with your audience and talking about the latest topics in your industry.
  • Visual: This is very broad and includes photography, illustration, videos, GIFs, and so on. Your photos, images, and infographics should capture the attention of your audience and be relevant to your main article. GIFs work in a similar way and can support your article quite a bit. Videos, on the other hand, can exist on their own, so you can upload them to YouTube without having to post a piece of text first.

3. Produce Evergreen Content

Produce content that will be relevant for a long period of time, so the website will be more likely to link to it. This kind of long-lasting content is called evergreen content. The main aim of such content is to be on top of search results for a long amount of time. Such content also helps you to balance out the content you create that covers hot and trending topics.

Most websites usually prefer linking to evergreen content rather than trending content because it guarantees that their readers will find something useful when they follow the link even after some time has passed. After all, they don’t want to be changing their links often because it is simply impractical from their point of view.

4. Create Skyscraper Content

Creating skyscraper content is actually simpler than it seems. All you need to do is follow a preset plan with certain steps that will lead you to get more valuable backlinks. Here’s what you should do:

  • Find Relevant Articles: First, find relevant articles that will cover the topic you want to write your article (or multiple articles) about.
  • Write Your Own Articles: Then, write your own articles on this topic, but make them better than the original with more points covered and better visuals.
  • Get in Touch with The Sites: Lastly, get in touch with the sites where the articles were published and ask the site owners to link to your content instead of the old articles that have less information than yours.

5. Make Infographics

Infographics are very attractive to everyone who is looking to link to content, so if you make more of them, you will attract more backlinks. That being said, infographics are pretty much the same thing as articles but reduced to their core ideas. This means that if you don’t have good writers creating articles for you, you won’t be able to make good infographics.

If you don’t have professional in-house writers, you could hire some writers from Online Writers Rating to ensure that you are really getting the most of your content. Besides, you could find some great writers for reasonable prices.

6. Answer Questions on Quora

Answering questions on Quora will give you the necessary visibility to attract the attention of websites who will link to your content. Answering questions on Quora can significantly improve your brand awareness and will give you way more exposure than you would simply be using the content or social media marketing.

What you should do is search for the questions that your audience might have regarding the topics you usually cover in your content. For example, if you write about leading a healthy lifestyle, your readers might search for, “How to have a balanced diet without starving yourself?”

7. Leave Comments

To get more exposure, leave comments and build relationships with other bloggers like you. This tip is somewhat similar to the previous one about Quora because it also helps you increase brand awareness and build better relationships with your audience.

On the other hand, this exposure will show other website owners that you are an expert in your niche. Consequently, that is what will make them want to find out more about you and then come across your articles that they will eventually link to.

8. Help the Press

Get in touch with journalists and let them write about you or your business. More often than not, they won’t be the ones reaching out to you first, so you will need to be the initiator of contact.

Do some research and decide which online media outlets you want to get covered in. Make a big list, because most of them will probably reject you. Write to the owners of the outlets or some of the contributors and then tell them why covering your business would be good for them and interesting for their audience.

9. Write Reviews

Write testimonials and reviews of various products and services. This might not be an obvious way to get backlinks, but customer reviews are actually valued by authority websites that mention the products you are reviewing.

10. Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging allows you to leave links to your website all over the Internet. It accomplishes several goals at once: more exposure, more brand awareness, better engagement, and improved backlink profile.

Final Thoughts

All in all, try each of these tips to elevate your search engine optimization strategy. You will be able to build your backlink profile more effectively which will also lead to better search rankings, improved performance, and so on.

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