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  • January 3 2020
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It’s that time of the year when we look back at the year that went by. Being at the forefront of innovation and advancement, OpenSense Labs completed diverse projects and initiated several new ventures around the year 2019. 

What kept us motivated throughout was the satisfactory smiles and recognition from the clients and employees alike.

Celebrating the success of 2019, let’s walk through the thrilling ride that we slid through during the year!

Coming together of the Drupal Community 

Like a tradition, the OpenSense Labs team submits and gives sessions at various camps and meet-ups across the globe every year. Starting 2019 with Drupal Camp Goa in early March to closing the year with DrupalCon Amsterdam in late October, we attended numerous Drupal camps and experiences. Here are the highlights of a few of them: 

Drupal Camp London, 2nd March

team presenting a session at Drupal camp London

Our first International Drupal event of the year kick-started with Drupal Camp London where the team gave a session on NLP and Drupal 8 while gaining insights from other Drupal experts. 

MidCamp Chicago, 20-23 March

OpenSense Labs table at midcamp chicago

We were present at MidCamp 2019 held in Chicago from 20-23rd March as the Contrib sponsors. Our Drupal swag and merch attracted a huge fanbase during the event. 

Drupal Camp Pune, 12-15 Sept

our CEO at Drupal India association meet

We attended the first Drupal India Association Meeting with the leading Drupal experts in India during the Drupal Camp Pune held from 12-15 September 2019. It stirred a movement and the Drupal community in India came together to chalk out the action plan.

Bad Camp California, 2-5 Oct

Vidhatanad giving a session at BadCamp California

Our CEO, Vidhatanand, gave a session on how we built an integrated Federated Search with Drupal for our clients this year. He gave an end-to-end analysis of the architecture and shared insights on how it can be of value to the Drupal community. 

DrupalCon Amsterdam, 28- 31 Oct

team presentation at DrupalCon Amsterdam

This year’s DrupalCon Europe was organized in the city of canals, Amsterdam and we couldn’t miss this one. So, we participated as proud Silver Sponsors at the event while our team presented two sessions on Content Marketing and Drupal E-commerce sites. 

Gaurav posing with Dries, founder of Drupal

Not to forget our Drupal Architect, Gaurav Kapoor, who bagged a scholarship for DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019 and a picture with Dries. The year indeed ended with a bang.

We also attended and presented sessions at Drupal Camp Delhi (15th-16th June) and DrupalCon Seattle (8-12th April 2019).  The site building process with the new Layout Builder was touched upon in the former event by our Drupal experts while DrupalCon Seattle was a great learning experience for the team. Like every year, we are gearing for the Drupal events in 2020 and are all set to make a stronger mark in the community. 

Drupal Development Contributions 2019

An in-depth analysis of how Drupal's development was sponsored between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, was created by Dries in his blog where OpenSense Labs ranked 13th globally as 1000+ contributions came through our in-house developers over the year. 

top 20 drupal agencies globally
Source: | Top contributing organizations based on the number of issue credits

He also shared a list of individuals who invested an incredible amount of time and effort into developing Drupal and its contributed projects and it again featured our Drupal Architect, Gaurav Kapoor in the top 20. 

top 20 drupal developers

WeeklyDrop 2019 

The WeeklyDrop by Bob Kepford is the most awaited Newsletter for the Drupalers. Our articles on Drupal and related topics got featured 6 times this year.

November 2019: Drupal 8.8 released: What’s New?

May 2019: The alternatives in Decoupled Drupal ecosystem

May 2019: Best security focused CMS - Drupal 8

February 2019: Going Ultra Minimalist: Metalsmith with Drupal 

January 2019: Magnificent Combo: Implementing ElasticSearch with Drupal 

January 2019: Architecting your own Drupal site with Layout Builder

Collage of weeklydrop mentions

At OpenSense Labs, we believe in the smallest of achievements that become the building block of our success. And one such milestone was getting our blog on Drupal 8.7 update - The new layout builder being tweeted by the official handle of Drupal on Twitter. To many more to come!  

screenshot of twitter

Amidst all the hustle, we didn’t forget to have fun and be grateful for all the timeless moments and opportunities that 2019 brought us. Now visioning 2020 with a hope to achieve more success and conquer the hearts of our clients and partners, we would genuinely like to thank each one of them for being a part of the journey this year.

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