OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: July 2022

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  • August 5 2022
  • 2 min read

In today’s growing competition, organizations are seen prioritizing employee performance and contribution in order to reach their aspired business goals and objectives. But in midst of all these, they mindlessly forget to look after their employees’ well-being which is essentially important.

So, when it comes to OpenSense Labs (OSL) we are always ready to support our people in the best way possible. Along with reaching our company goals, we strive to create a healthy atmosphere for our aspiring workforce. 

Therefore, maintaining a good work culture is one of the top priorities here at OSL. Now, let’s dive into our work culture for the month of July 2022. 

OSL launches office in Bhopal 

After completing 7 successful years in Delhi NCR, OSL decided to expand its business by building a cool office space in the city of lakes, Bhopal. The office management collectively took this decision after gaining confidence by becoming one of the Platinum Sponsors of Drupal Association and successfully delivering clients’ projects on time along with maintaining proper work quality.

We have a vision of enabling the huge talent of Bhopal to get all the career opportunities that they would have possibly gotten in any of the IT hubs in India. Therefore, on 18th July we inaugurated our new office in Bhopal with the hope of creating a strong tech community and a successful IT ecosystem. 

So, looking forward to creating some awesome Drupalists from the beautiful city of Bhopal.

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

Recognizing employee contribution

We try to value our people’s contributions by mindfully recognizing and appreciating their sincere efforts and dedication. A lot of emphasis is being given to creating a healthy work environment, allowing the employees to be happier and stress-free in midst of their work responsibilities and commitments.

OSL even happens to boost its people by celebrating work anniversaries and welcoming new joinees to put their first step toward their careers. 

Our OSL family was joined by a Business Development Associate Intern, a Front End Developer, and many trainee developers in the technical team.

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

Celebration time!

OSL is ever-ready for making birthdays special for its employees and letting them enjoy their big day with laughter and joy. Lots of love and warm wishes are bestowed on the people at OSL.

Since celebrations are an integral part of life, so we never leave any chance of celebrating different occasions at the workplace.

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

Along with the above-mentioned initiatives, we also published our monthly newsletter giving a peek into the overall activities taking place in the organization.

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So, here we are, at the end of this article. I believe you had a good time reading about OSL’s work culture and you too got inspired to value your people and let them enjoy their work and excel in their respective careers.

This is how we assure a healthy and energizing work culture for our employees and allow them to grow in all areas of life.

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