OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: April 2022

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  • May 17 2022
  • 2 min read
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Maitreayee Bora

As a writer, I feel very empowered when I get the opportunity to share some of the unique experiences that I go through in the organization I work. So, let me today pen down all the experiences in the form of fun, celebrations, appreciation, and so on we had during the month of April 2022 in our organization.

I hope you are excited to comprehend how OpenSense Labs(OSL) looks after its employees and maintains the work culture which is essentially important for the overall benefit of both employees and the organization.

Words of appreciation

We never fail to make an effort to celebrate the work anniversary of the employees who very passionately contribute to the value of the organization with their honest efforts and hard work. Also, acknowledging the employee contribution by giving away different awards and recognitions to the workforce is what OSL prioritizes.

Then welcoming aspiring new joinees and interns who look forward to making a difference in the organization’s different departments with their brilliant ideas and endeavors is what our company values. So, we were joined by a Senior Associate in the People Operations team, 5 Software Developer Interns, 1 QA Engineer in the Technical team, and a Senior Associate as the Head of Global Sales.

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Annual trip fun and a series of celebrations!

I suppose you guys remember the annual trip which I mentioned in my last blog, OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: March 2022. So, yes, we finally went for the most awaited trip after the pandemic. Guess what! We went to one of the most beautiful natural places, Rishikesh which is filled with hills and an amazing water body. Our team was thrilled to stopover at Avenue 18 Resort which gave us a unique experience in the lap of nature and the beauty of mountains.

Everybody was excited and shook their legs to the thumping dance numbers which were played near the garden area of this awesome resort. Cool music, playballs, games and team-building activities just made the day a lot more fun.

Along with these excitements, some of the senior members of OSL shared their stories, experiences, and important lessons learned in this organization. So, basically our annual trip was a big hit which brought the team together and we look forward to more such company retreats in the coming future.

Well in the midst of all these, how can I not mention the birthday celebrations of our employees. As always a lot of love and warm wishes were bestowed on the people here at OSL. 

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

Publishing OSL Monthly Bulletin

Since recently we have published our first-ever company newsletter where we shared our updates from in and around OSL. So, we did it again for the month of April as it's another month followed by another story. We tried giving interesting updates that needed to be reached to the employees as they are now a part of the OSL family.

More sneak peek from OpenSense Labs Culture:

I would like to end this article by saying that having a happy and peaceful ambience at the workplace is essentially needed. This increases the level of creativity and innovation of the employees who can actually do wonders with their efficiencies.

But such out-of-the-box thinking can be created only in the positive atmosphere, therefore it's the duty of every organization to offer such a comfortable space to its employees. And I can bet that OSL is efficiently taking its responsibility and working for the betterment of its employees at its best.

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