By: Jayati
June 14 2019

How can Marketers Leverage Drupal 8?

The marketing landscape vastly offers opportunities to drive business strategies that in turn influences the decision-making boundaries of an organization. Major marketers in the industry understand the importance of ease and efficiency when it comes to implementing processes and enhancing user experience. To their advantage, Drupal offers this faculty and flexibility to integrate tools that streamline marketer’s goals of engagement among a targeted audience. 

This blog is dedicated solely to the reasons that make Drupal 8 a valuable asset for the marketers.  

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Choosing Drupal

According to a 2017 report by Black Duck Software by Synopsys, 84% of cost saving was achieved along with eliminating the vendor lock-in situations when organizations opted for open source. Drupal, an open source CMS, offers the same ease of access and technical capabilities that marketers seek. Its content management system is perfectly structured to support the workings of the marketing departments. Drupal brings together content, community, and commerce under one big umbrella in a seamless fashion.

Marketing with Drupal 8

Fostering deeper ties with the marketing industry, Drupal has come to the forefront of excellence. Here are a few pointers consolidated to make the claim stronger for enterprises adopting Drupal:  


With over 1M pages and over 20,000 requests per second, Drupal doesn’t have to prove its worth anymore in terms of scalability. It has big names like NASA, University of Oxford, Princess Cruises, NBA and Johnson & Johnson in its kitty. It gets updated often with new modules that widen the scope of adding new content and features to the website.


Adding new content in various forms like videos, blogs and more can be easily executed being a part of the content marketing strategies of the organization. This ability to add latest pieces gives the freedom of content creation to the marketers too. 


Drupal offers modules for marketing automation like Hubspot and Silverpop that can be integrated for speeding the performance and producing efficient results. Also, it equips you to integrate other third-party applications that bring in tailor specific content or opportunities. The Drupal site administrators use APIs to connect your website with other digital tools. 


A chain of processes can be defined with Drupal’s workflow that creates a way to customize content and applications. An efficient workflow gives the team an upper hand over actions like processing leads, updating a web page, evaluating capital, or approving new hires. 

Licensing Fees

Being an open source CMS, Drupal comes with no liability of licensing fees. This gives the freedom to redirect capital towards investing in marketing and other expenses that can make your site stand out. 

Digital Experience

Drupal’s architecture provides a platform to launch your website in a dynamic manner. You can curate the structure with segmented content and visuals that give away that a strong digital strategy is its backbone. 

No Coding 

As a marketer, it is difficult to understand how a website is built and that creates a gap of knowledge leading to gaps in the marketing strategies too. However, with Drupal, you can make changes to the site, add or edit the content on pages without requiring any coding. It helps you maintain consistency in your marketing plans and fulfill business requirements.    

Community Support

By choosing Drupal, you open doors to open source communities that thoroughly supports. With international meet-ups and camps organized across the globe, you grab the chance to encounter experts, investors, and business personnel who can help you on various grounds. 


Drupal provides for an SEO friendly experience that amalgamates well with search engines like Google. It provisions for custom page titles, meta descriptions, URLs and integration with Google Analytics too. 


One of the major concerns of site owners and marketers is the security of their content and privacy. Thus, Drupal holds security as a major concern. It provides software solutions that match your company’s digital needs.  

Decoupled Drupal

With the evolving expectations of customers, marketing teams have to redesign and update the backend and the front-end. This results in dependency on the developers and designers. However, with Decoupled Drupal, they can segregate the processes and streamline the upgrades without impacting the user experience on the front end. This independent nature of the Drupal results in making the design and UX alterations easier to maintain.  

Fostering deeper ties with the marketing industry, Drupal has come to the forefront of excellence.

Go Multilingual 

When 75% of the world population doesn’t speak English, how does your marketing strategies accommodate inclusiveness? Multilingual sites. Drupal allows you to translate and create multilingual sites for your business that cater to a wider audience globally. 


Drupal comes with mobile improvements that resize elements automatically and aligns with the device you are using. This makes the site responsive and hassle-free for the users and thus, increases your marketing value. 

Multisite Option

If your organization has multiple sites to manage, Drupal makes it easier by providing a single codebase for more than one site. This makes it faster for changes to get implemented to all in one go. Such features are supportive for marketers who operate workflows on multiple sites. 


With so much to leverage and put to advantage, Drupal brings across opportunities and countless possibilities for marketers. It adds value to the relationships your company wants to foster with their audience and potential customers. 

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