How To Write Great B2B Copy And Get Conversions

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  • July 26 2019
  • 3 min read
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Chloe Bennet

Copywriting for consumers and copywriting for B2B businesses can be quite different. But this doesn’t mean that the same tricks don’t apply - they just have to be slightly modified. You see, in B2B, one person isn’t the only decision maker, there are more of them. So, you are not supposed to impress just one person but more of them. The decision is collective.

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Here are some of the best tips for writing B2B copy. 

Your tone should be professional

A light tone appeals to B2C consumers. But appealing to B2B audience can be a whole another story. You need to use a professional tone if you want to win them over. The number of people involved in the decision to purchase is big and the light tone will likely put most of them off. Especially senior executives - they believe that professional tone means professional commitment. The purchases often require a large amount of money and they stay for long term which means that a professional tone may suit the B2B industry a bit better. In fact, it might be the key to a high amount of conversions. However, don’t use hard to understand language and jargon. Use simple words in a professional manner. 

The headline should be written well

Headlines matter in every industry, whether B2B or B2C. More people read the headline than ever read your body copy. So, your headline is crucial. But just working hard on your headline won’t make it good. You have to put some real thought into creating the headline. The headline should be short, with 6 words at most. It should also be relevant and inspire some curiosity. 

Homepage copy needs to be right

The homepage of your site is the heart of your site. The copy on your homepage needs to generate some interest at the very least. One of the keys can be creating a buyer persona and then understanding what they need and want from your copy. You can collect data to create your buyer persona across several channels like social media and different analytics places. You can then understand their interests and needs.

Target your content to specific audiences

Content personalization to the segment of the market can lead to many improvements and get you more conversions. It improves how the clients see and perceive your content. It should speak directly to your customers and offer them something that they can connect to. People you are writing to can be at the different levels of the company or different stages of converting. Some of them will be managers, some executives and so on. You need to understand that these different professionals speak a different language and you need to adapt to each one of them and create copy that will grab their attention. Simplify your language so that every professional can understand what you are saying in ten seconds. 

Learning about your client can be the key to the conversion

You need to spend some time learning about your client and what they need. What kind of business is it? What is their product? Who is their ideal customer? What kind of problems do they have and which problems do they solve? 

“Understanding your customer well means that you will be able to write copy that matches their needs and their vision of the world,” says Tiffany Bell, a team lead at Paper Fellows and State Of Writing.

Learn their language

There is a specific jargon related to every industry. Some terms are specific to SEO professionals, some to marketing professionals, some to people who deal with email marketing. There are also words that are commonly used in the B2B industry and you should use them in your copy to help them realize that you understand what they are dealing with and that you can help them. 

Show them that you are the best

“If you praise yourself, you are bound to kill your conversions. However, you can mask self-praise with something else - talk about yourself in an indirect way. Instead of saying that you are great and that you can help them, show them with a practical example. Maybe you’ve already helped 2000 companies achieve more efficiency or something similar - tell them that. This tells them that you are the best but through a great example,” says a B2B marketer at Essayroo and Eliteassignmenthelp, Josephine Roper.


So, if you have already done all of this and created a great B2B copy, you are probably getting conversions. B2B is a different audience, more difficult and complex to satisfy in some ways. But, the copy should be relevant to them. Your content should stand out and it should be useful, easy to read and use in real life. The results may not come all at the same time. They might not come in a month. But they will come and that is for certain.

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