OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: March 2022

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  • April 6 2022
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Maitreayee Bora

Hello guys! Guess what, I am back again to share some of the most amazing experiences that OpenSense Labs (OSL) went through in the month of March 2022. Well, I am pretty sure you must have gone through my previous articles where I made you learn more about our exciting work culture and environment.

But today I have got something more to say about how well we maintained our company culture and succeeded in keeping our employees happy, joyful, and passionate about their work ethics and values. So, are you interested to find out how we did it? Hoping your answer is a yes, let’s dive in. 

Acknowledging OSL’s success 

OSL recently had a chance to share a proud moment with the world since its contribution to the Drupal community received recognition and appreciation from the founder and project lead for Drupal, Dries Buytaert.

On 10th March 2022, there was a session with Dries Buytaert & Drupal India Association where Dries acknowledged how the Indian companies are leading in community contribution wherein OSL found a special mention from the man himself.

Not only that, one of our Drupal developers, Anmol Goel was named the top Drupal contributor from India. This actually doubled our reason to celebrate and gave us a chance to be on cloud nine.  

An image displaying the work culture of OpenSense  Labs

Heartfelt appreciation

We at OSL make sure that the interns who aspire to learn and grow with us get full acknowledgment of their work efforts and contributions. As a result, they are rewarded with the Intern of the month recognition. Such an appreciation motivates them to be more dedicated and responsible toward their work commitments and priorities.

Also, OSL’s door is wide open for passionate employees who want to think out of the box and make a difference apart from the same old work process and techniques. Therefore, we were joined by 2 more professionals in the sales team who aspire to make some excellent contributions towards the company’s growth.

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

Introducing OSL’s first Newsletter

Interestingly, in the month of March, we published our first-ever company newsletter where we shared our updates from in and around OSL. This actually gave us an opportunity to know our team members better and also get a vision of where exactly we are heading. Well, this is what our newsletter’s introduction section looked like. 

An image of OpenSense Labs' newsletter displaying its work culture

Celebration time

We just cannot get along without having our different celebrations at work. Our People Operations Team kept giving us amazing surprises this March. So, to start with, as birthdays are never to be forgotten, our people are given a lot of love and warm wishes on their very special day. 

Next, came the International Women’s Day celebrations. I must say we ladies had a great time on this very empowering day where all the women globally are celebrated and appreciated for the efforts that they make to balance their personal life and work endeavors. 

A zoom call session was organized for the ladies where various interesting activities were conducted, followed by an Amazon gift card distribution which added a lot more fun to the entire women’s day celebration. 

Holi, the festival of Colors, was one of the best celebrations we had this year. We all connected through a zoom call since everybody wasn’t physically available at the office premises. But the people present at the office were the ones that enjoyed it the most, and everybody received some awesome Holi gifts and eventually had a great time. 

We even started an official meme channel where we could spend some time relaxing and getting charged up for more productive work outcomes. 

Also, an employee kit was distributed among the employees so that they feel valued, respected, and basically a part of the OSL family. 

And, finally the annual trip planning was one of the top-most priorities which went on during the month of March. All the details such as the location, trip dates, etc were disclosed to the employees and all the arrangements were done as well. But in this article I won’t be sharing where we actually went, so for that, you’ll have to be a little more patient and wait for my next article. 

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

More sneak peek from OpenSense Labs Culture:

So, this is how we spent our days here at OSL. The management is taking proper steps and initiatives for enhancing the overall work culture which can make the employees feel cared for and valued as well. 

From this article, you must have understood how actively everybody at OSL is being a part of this effort which can possibly transform the organizational culture to a whole new level. 

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