OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: January 2022

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  • February 8 2022
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Maitreayee Bora

Every new year brings new beginnings and fresh starts. So, this 2022 OpenSense Labs is all set with new plans and ideas to scale up its business and grow exponentially. Let me here now take your attention to one of the most important aspects of company growth i.e., its work culture. Without a good work culture, a company can never reach its height of success and accomplishments. Therefore, OSL never fails to prioritize its company culture and work for the betterment of the employees working on it with full dedication and commitment. Now, I would like to take you through the culture which we heartily maintained in the very first month of the year 2022.

Encouraging employees with honest appreciation  

Employees feel valued when their work is appreciated and OSL encourages its people to meet their work deadlines and commitments within the stipulated time period. Amidst all the challenges OSL employees succeed in delivering excellent work performance and contribute to the overall growth of the company. Consequently, OSL’s senior professionals praise the working staff and increase their confidence level of believing in themselves and coming up with something new and unique. And the newly joined interns are awarded the Intern of the Month recognition and are motivated for better learning and growth.

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

Conducting fun activities

Creating some fun with amusing activities for employees’ relaxation is something OSL looks after. I mean we all know that work is important but along with that, it’s very essential to keep a stress-free mind that can relax and then come up with fresh new ideas, increasing more creativity at work. So, our People Operations Team has always got something to surprise our employees from their repetitive work schedules. In the month of January 2022, we got the opportunity to celebrate the 73rd Republic Day, followed by an interesting session on learning each other’s culture (this month’s focal point being Bihar) on Zoom that everybody utterly enjoyed.

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

Outpouring of birthday wishes

Birthday celebrations are something that cannot be overlooked at any cost. Don’t you think so? Well we at OSL try to make our employees feel special by outpouring love in the form of warm birthday wishes on their special day.

An image displaying the culture of OpenSense Labs

To take a sneak peak at the OpenSense Labs Culture in 2021, read here.


Even in the midst of the pandemic OSL has succeeded in maintaining a proper culture for its employees and has not compromised with the safety of its workforce. Prior to the omicron outbreak the office was open and the new interns had the chance of coming and experiencing the work culture on office premises. But after looking at the omicron outbreak the office management instructed the employees to stay at their homes and prioritize remote working for a safer work environment.

OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: January 2022
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OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: January 2022
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