Looking back at 2020: Celebrating the Positives at OpenSense Labs

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  • December 24 2020
  • 4 min read

2020 came in like an uninvited guest and brought along unprecedented conditions that the whole world continues to cope with. We had to cancel our plans, sit at home and adjust to the new normal with a hope that this chaos would clear soon. As this year brought the world to a standstill, it taught us one thing - “When something doesn't go as planned, stopping is the worst thing that you can do.”

This unprecedented time had its impact on OpenSense Labs as well. With the new restrictions across personal and professional activities, we had to take some aggressive yet sustainable steps to fulfil our promises. No doubt we succeeded in doing so and turned 2020 to yet another productive and successful year for the team and the organization.

Let’s have a look at some of our proudest achievements this year, bragging about which is mandatory :D 

The successful completion of 12+ projects 

Despite what we may be facing, life would always keep moving forward. With the same notion, OSL successfully completed 12 projects and counting in the span of this year. Allianz Loyalty Program - an intrasite and StemFuse - an e-learning program, are amongst our most fulfilling projects. 

There are different logos of OSL clients in various rectangular blocks.

Digital transformation fulfilment for 15+ new businesses

Delivering success is not the only objecting we aim for. Our business growth strategies and hard gained credibilities won us 15 new projects across the digital spectrum. The new business allianze from across the globe added up to the confidence and motivation of the team. With this, OpenSense Labs continues its journey to deliver the best in class digital experiences for its clients.

OpenSense Labs' various services are written on a dark blue background.

Stepped into the space of CDP and Mobile Application Development

We initiated our strong roadmap of enterprise solutions by expanding our technology services and expertise in the field of Customer Data Platform and Mobile Application Development. With new projects in these domains, we are continuously gaining valuable experience to bring greater efficiency, ease and power to our clients. 

Community Event : Drupalcamp London 2020

The year began with the Drupalcamp in London, before the COVID-19 strike (oh! the simpler times). A successful session over Federated search solution was addressed by our CEO. Even though later on, OSL could not take part in other virtual Drupal events, we decided to support our community by investing our time and resources heavily on Drupal support forums and projects.

A picture from one of the keynotes during DrupalCamp London can be seen, with the speaker addressing an audience.

Ranked 5th as Global Drupal Service Provider

This year, with around 100 projects and an average of 150 issue credits for every 3-months we ranked 5th as Drupal global service provider. The credit undoubtedly goes to our developers for continuous contribution to Drupal’s Core modules.

The number 5 can be seen taking prominence on a dark blue background.

Our efforts remain to be an active contributor and strive to invest more to the knowledge and support toward our Drupal community.

A better version of OpenSense Labs with website redesign

Our website, which is the base ground of our capabilities, mission and values, all-in-one, went through a redesign. Our new design language personifies our vision, our goals and most importantly, our clients’ successes. We are still the same at core, yet better equipped to understand and interact with you. 

The homepage of OpenSense Labs is shown.

An adaption of work dynamics and culture that enabled productivity

With our offices closed and all the resources operating remotely, we could experience a restricted flow of knowledge, collaboration and communication. But we slowly and steadily accommodate ourselves to this new normal. With the adaptation of new technologies and modification in the process and workflow management we are continuously trying to overcome these hurdles. 

The names of applications used for work from home are mentioned.

Team OSL enjoyed its annual excursion and holi celebration in the first quarter of this year. During the pandemic, team engagement get-togethers were on standstill. However, thanks to our human resource team, we conducted virtual activities to bond and share our experiences.

Three pictures of the OSL team can be seen in the form of collage.

The result of these came in the form of motivation and step by step achievement of our milestones.

Expanding our team - 30 new enthusiasts joined the OSL family

While several companies all over the world laid off employees, OSL takes pride in expanding its team instead. We continued adding new experts to our team from the beginning of the year and throughout the pandemic. OSL even added new departments - AI and Flutter, which opened up a multitude of job and growth opportunities. We believe that we can only work to provide excellence to our clients when we have the right team to do so.

The names of different departments and the number of new employees in them are mentioned.

Aiming to achieve newer heights in 2021

With new business goals to achieve higher organizational growth, we are fully prepared to step into the new year. Here is what 2021 holds for OpenSense Labs -  

  • Launching a new face of OSL with improved design and content. 
  • Becoming a knowledge hub around Drupal and other digital experience spaces. 
  • Catering to technology services around education-tech, AI, Loyalty Platform, content distribution and SaaS. 
  • Proffering products ranging from site audits and personalisation to cloud-based decoupled Drupal. 
  • Adding new capabilities for our client with flutter mobile app development services
  • Expanding our domain in the digital experience platforms and creating an open source community for it - TheOpenDXP
  • Further expanding our team across all the project delivery prepositions

The endless journey

2020 may be ending, but our work and our journey isn’t. This year has been great for OSL, despite its tumultuous nature. But that is life, we have to continue being positive, regardless of what we are facing. Here is to hoping another great year ahead for you and us. 

Cheers to 2021!
Cheers to a better future!

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