By: Derek Iwasiuk
January 30 2020

Duplicate content could be the roadblock to marvellous global SEO

Duplication of content could be a major drawback of projects seeking global SEO success. We understand that duplicate content is a major trap for those who are new to global SEO in their endeavors to launch a site available worldwide. As per Search Engine Land, Google has already pointed out that ‘content’ is one of its three most important or top ranking factors. 

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In this context, we know that search engines such as Google encounters an issue of duplicate content. Duplicate content implies similar content would be appearing at many locations or multiple URLs on the Internet and because of duplicate content issues, search engines are confused and cannot understand which URL to display in their search results. This could adversely impact a webpage’s ranking and the issue could get worse once users start linking to the diverse versions of the same content.

Suppose you are operating a successful English-language US site and you are thinking of replicating your specific business model in some other global markets. So, what would be your first move? Localizing the website in some other language? No, you don’t do that. The very first thing you would be doing is that you would consider some other English language market. If simultaneously you wish to add some other languages what would be your preference? Polish? Don’t think so. You would usually opt for a language like French, German, or Spanish that are far more globally crucial languages with numerous speakers and that are spoken in several countries. In most cases, you would avoid ‘language’ and stick to only English.

When you are localizing a website precisely into an only one-country language like Polish that is spoken only in Poland, you dramatically cut down the probability of the duplicate content issue to zero. Hence, a single-country language implies no duplicate issue.

SEO in the United Kingdom and the United States Is Not Different But the Same

Several not-yet global or US sites that choose a new market for targeting seem to opt for the UK. Of course, this should be making some sense. The UK and the U.S.A are closer to language and culture in comparison to several other countries. It is also a smart idea to enter a new market through a country that you have a clear understanding and sound knowledge about.

You would be expecting SEO requirements for the United Kingdom to be almost the same as the United States. However, you may have to modify certain elements and convert certain ‘Z’s into ‘S’. If things run smoothly at your home or US site, no matter what happens in your export test, the risk would not be too high. Unfortunately, if you choose the UK as the first brand new market, when things go wrong in the UK site, the issue could be having its root in your domestic United States site and the trouble would be emerging there. You may get in touch with a trustworthy Social Market Way Company for perfect SEO solutions.

Shifting the Blame Is Common

It is just not so easy for you to identify duplication issues. The chief problem with duplicate content is that it would not be having a huge impact but it would simply hold you back. You would be thinking in terms of all kinds of possible causes. If the performance is not as per your expectations, everyone would start looking for somebody or something to blame on. The blame game could become quite ugly at times.

Wrong Place & Wrong Timing

The fact is that several people would be putting sites into small and restrictive pigeon holes. They would only be considering the issues associated with the Irish site in Ireland or even the UK site in the United Kingdom. The connections or relationships between sites must be given importance and taken into account first.

Moreover, you must remember that more often than not, the duplication issue is not just restricted to the site not ranking, but it could result in the wrong pages ranking in basically the wrong place. The classic instance maybe when you are attempting to sell an item to the British in dollars simply because the top slot in the SERP for your specific search term is actually from the US. The Brits cannot regard anything as money apart from pounds so dollars won’t sell that well. The pound page has greater selling potential to the Brits but then, unfortunately, the UK pound page is way down in the SERPs or not in display at all.

Using Cutting-Edge Solutions

For resolving duplication issues, you simply cannot resort to reshuffling paragraphs throughout the page. Google is quite wise and can identify duplicate content at once. Google would be scrutinizing each important block of content meticulously. It would be hiding some pages. An example of a translation agency could be cited here. Recently a translation agency that had multiple sites had a duplication issue that came down to two paragraphs. These paragraphs had featured on practically every home page of their 20-odd sites. 

You must look for cutting-edge solutions while dealing with duplicate content. You must necessarily consider adopting local country domains for assisting the search engines in identifying which sites would be belonging where. You could easily start plugging into Webmaster Central and explicitly tell it precisely where to start sticking your pages and to assist you with things as you would now have access to cross-domain canonical tag. You must try your best to get to the root of your content duplication issue first instead of depending heavily on all these workarounds. Or else, you try to make certain changes next time, somebody would be forgetting the canonical tag or even modify the URL name and that will take you back to square one. 

Conclusion: Remember Duplicate Content is Very Much Fixable & Must Be Fixed

Duplicate content is prevalent everywhere. You could hardly ever come across a site with over a thousand pages that don’t have some duplicate content issues. You must constantly examine and keep track of your content. You must keep in mind that duplicate content could be rectified and you could then reap plentiful rewards. Your top-quality content could be soaring very high in the SERP rankings once you eliminate the duplicate content from your website.