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  • January 29 2018
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The advent of globalization has cleared one thumb rule and that is - isolation is no more a game changer. In the new course of action, it’s the sense of togetherness that takes forward your organization and its people.

So why invest so much money and energy when things can be done in a better and efficient way? You can move ahead together with people who are not a part of your core team but, can lend you the same functional support.

While your reason could be any, as a technical support software company, you will reach a point where outsourcing remains the only way out.

What is Outsourcing?

Unlike other business strategies, it involves picking a third service provider who with their efficiency and specialized knowledge would help in achieving the desired goal. Outsourcing isn’t a new practice but it’s an answer to many of your problems.

Proved to be effective in the long-haul, outsourcing has come out as a tried and tested model for success in the business industry. And as Lee Kuan Yew once said “..If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of the business”, such services remain a serious option. Outsourcing comes with a pile of benefits and proves to be beneficial for both the organization and its members.

The Fruit And The Pain Points

The new age outsourcing is more about innovation and achieving “certain” capabilities rather than merely doing things cheaply. While there are some challenges while choosing the right organization, it remains a wise strategy to take things forward without any haste. Listed below are some of the pain points which your organization may come across while hiring third-party services.

Well, the answer to - Why should you outsource?- lies in the unlimited opportunities which hook along, such as:

Reduced Costs

When hiring an employee, the cost increases in the form of salary, transportation, health and wellness, and what not. Why shift the focus of your finances into maintaining all your employees when you can get a quarter of them outsourced?

Cost remains one of the most influential factors when opting for outsourcing. Not only you get quality services at a much lower cost but the burden on infrastructure and resources gets less. Outsourcing your requirements to a reliable vendor can help you save on the mentioned extra cost.

When it comes to technical support, India has a $150 billion outsourcing industry which makes it a good bet to invest in a vendor here.

Shift Your Focus To The Big Areas

48% of UK companies outsource to improve customer services.

It’s not a feasible idea to immerse in the areas of less expertise when your aim is to get remarkable results. Even though it is expected of you to take risks in business, experimenting with responsibilities can prove to be fatal to your business.

Without running certain departments in-house, say - a content marketing department, your organization can direct the focus of work that really matters to your business. This way you can allow managers to finish their projects faster.

Another reason you should outsource is to free up time to concentrate on their core business. By outsourcing non-core functionalities, you can free up time and capital to move your business better.

Free Up Your Internal Resources

Eliminating the need to invest your members in some full-time recruitment and training, outsourcing has direct benefits to your employees as it can be used to off-load less important work or to handle peak loads. This leaves staff free to pursue new developmental opportunities.

A lean/remote team with the best people to maintain delivery standards, even you don’t have to worry about the standards.

Not only has OpenSense Labs taken outsourcing requests, but we have also worked closely with our clients to help them determine what tools and methods they can implement to save time and boost efficiency.

Grow Your Client Base

Other than saving you big bucks, outsourcing helps you get better returns. It gives your agency operational expertise and infrastructure. Giving you the right support to grow your business, your vendor can provide their technical expertise which was otherwise inaccessible and expensive.

This, in turn, helps you get better results/feedback from your clients. Only the experts who can handle your client’s needs as well as serve your own needs can help you achieve your goals.

Technology keeps changing and to keep up with the current market standards you grow at the desired pace, you need new technology and the best possible resources.

After all, what’s the point of getting stuck at one place when you are in the business to reach the top position?

Pain Points

Quality Of Delivery

To ensure great quality, it is necessary to mention requirements and demands clearly in the agreement. However great the benefits outsourcing gives your organization, it can also potentially expose you to risks and in the worst case scenario, legal troubles.

As an example, if a website is recalled for poor performance then it’s the organization which carries the burden of (correcting the) damaged image of the website. While the vendor would need to work on the website bound by the contract, it will be the organization which has to bear the brunt.

To avoid any possible case of dissatisfaction, we at OpenSense Labs, provide 40 hours of pilot service to give you an idea of our quality delivery.


Asian countries and India in particular, have emerged as a strong recourse when accessing outsourcing benefits. Although technological advancements have reached new heights, misunderstandings led by communication gap due to geographical remoteness remains one of the major challenges when outsourcing the services.

Open communication and executive support are particularly important to a successful outsourcing process and whatever the final outcome of your agreement, managing change through clear communication is fundamental to the success of your program.

Assessing the stakeholder requirements is the first part of this process, and having open channels of communication during any time of the process is crucial.

Relationship management

According to The Gartner Group, 25 percent of outsourcing contracts are renegotiated or canceled within three years.

It can be blamed for the unpredictable turn of events and lack of attention to the crucial details in the contract.

This brings to the fore the poor management of the ongoing business relationship. To improve the scenario, it is advised that senior management must remain involved in the execution of the agreement. Not only this, but senior management should meet at regular intervals to keep track of activities in agreement.

To avoid relationship strains, regular meetings should be held at the operational level to address the contract, pains, problems and resolve that has been experienced and come to a come conclusion as the solution of the problem.

To Sum Up

Now you only need to set your goals without spending extra or the need to maintain a whole lot of people for 365 days.

These are just a few of the many major advantages of outsourcing your technical support. For any outsourcing related consultancy, we would love to have a word with you and see how we can deploy our in-house expertise into your upcoming projects. Please leave a word at [email protected] and we would revert to you within the hour. 

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