By: Shankar
May 5 2019

The Duo of Decoupled Drupal Commerce and React Native

There’s a beauty startup called lululab, a Samsung spin-off, which has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) based beauty store. It is combining AI and big data to bring personalised skincare recommendations. And Ikea is leveraging Google Cloud to allow its customers to take a photo of a household item and swiftly search for that product in its online catalogue. Such innovative changes in the digital commerce industry keep happening. Being a leading content management system and enabler of digital innovation, Drupal can’t be far behind. Its e-commerce solution in Drupal Commerce has great use in combination with React Native.

A laptop and mobile phone being used for shopping

In today’s consumer application, where user experience and innovation has become the prominent feature for success, coming together of decoupled Drupal Commerce and React Native is a huge boost for building a spectacular application.

On Decoupled Drupal Commerce

Decoupling Drupal Commerce can be even better for enhancing scalability and flexibility

Drupal Commerce is one of the prolific e-commerce solutions that is powering thousands and thousands of online stores of all sizes. Decoupling Drupal Commerce can be even better for enhancing scalability and flexibility. A fully decoupled Drupal Commerce experience can have the support for intricate forms like checkout. Delivering the fully decoupled Drupal Commerce is a work in progress and is said to be delivered by the end of 2019. Until that happens, the product catalogue and shopping cart can be progressively decoupled to assist websites scale in addition to opening new user interfaces (UI).

React Native: A gigantic mobile app solution

React Native, a native version of the JavaScript library, helps in building native mobile applications that are distinct in nature when compared to the apps built using Java or Objective-C. It offers a fast track to completion, works well on targeted platforms and is simple to debug. It leverages the same fundamental UI building blocks as the regular iOS and Android applications but the difference is that you assemble the building blocks with the help of React and JavaScript. It works well with the components written in Swift, Java or Objective-C.

Case study: Decoupled Drupal Commerce + React Native

Eldum Rétt, an Icelandic subscription service, delivers food boxes to private households and has been a market leader. Powered by Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce, when the original website was first built, the demand for more flexibility over time called for a need for moving up the ladder i.e. to Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2 in addition to a React Native based mobile application that can interact with the main Drupal powered website.

Homepage of Eldum Rett website with a girl holding balloons

Drupal 8 turned out to be a fantastic CMS with great features along with its provision for flexible commerce suite with Drupal Commerce. Drupal’s ability to extend its functionalities via its APIs helped Eldum Rétt to leverage Drupal as the main data store for all its products, user data and information on orders and expose these to mobile applications.
A flexible subscription system was created where any product declared as subscribable can be bought as a subscription. It also enables the flexible configuration of meal kits and menus. Schedules can also be easily set. Moreover, it uses smart packing algorithm and the shipping process offers the customer to choose small deliveries instead of bundle deliveries. It has an advanced notification system and also leverages OAuth for authentication purposes. Recipes include comprehensive and structured information and most of the data was migrated from the old system to the new one.


The combination of decoupled Drupal Commerce and React Native can be fruitful for a great digital commerce presence.
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