By: Jayati
December 5 2019

Bringing Acquia Lightning to Drupal

Organizations are looking for enterprise-ready and fast sites rich in features that can be built with ease and minimum maintenance. If you are looking to elevate your content delivery across channels and want your site to fulfill the increasing demands, then look no further. Drupal, an open source CMS, is the one for you!

In addition, Acquia Lightning is the latest endeavor launched to pace with the commanding needs of enterprises in 2020!

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Why Acquia Lightning?

An open source Drupal distribution, Acquia Lightning, is a solution to the enterprise that can accelerate your Drupal 8 site’s authoring experience with automated testing frameworks. It allows developers to innovate with these tests and monitor the functionalities. 

There’s no doubt how efficient Acquia Lightning can be for your Drupal site. But here we have listed down all the features for you:

  • The Layout Builder introduced in Drupal 8.7 release can be accessed
  • An improved administrative interface can be utilized for enhanced design system and user-friendly user interfaces
  • JSON:API support for building out of the box decoupled applications 
  • You can develop applications faster in Drupal 8 and empower your business goals. 
  • Editorial workflows can significantly tackle the changes and updates with a dynamic dashboard that can review, schedule and publish the content.  

Acquia Lightning for Drupal 8

As a Drupal 8 solution, Acquia Lightning meets the web initiative demands and jump-starts your Drupal projects.

We know how Drupal 8 delivered new functionalities, features and has enhanced the authoring experience with a new layout, preview, and workflows. This new introduction doubles the actions with continuous integration pipelines, a safer environment and custom code additions with Acquia Lightning. 

Relying on the use of Composer commands, Acquia Lightning carries out functions of updates and development and ensures system reliability. 

“By bringing together modules and capabilities enterprise applications demand most, Acquia Lightning speeds up Drupal development time by 30 percent or more and helps organizations get to market faster and maintain Drupal sites more easily while delivering more engaging experiences,” said Dries Buytaert, Drupal creator, and project lead.  

Future of Acquia Lightning with Drupal 8

The last release, Acquia Lightning 4.0, arrived on May 16 with an array of improvements in synch with Drupal 8.7 and added value to marketers and site builders’ endeavors. We look forward to it expanding the vision and strengthening the bond with a curated digital presence among your audience.

For the increasing roles of content authoring sites, Acquia Lightning is equipped with the ability to create effective decoupled web applications conforming to the best security practices of Drupal 8. It aids developers and marketers equally for a flexible and intuitive site built for those hybrid technical-marketing roles.

It leads the innovation cycles in Drupal and can work with other solutions in a larger ecosystem. 


In case you want to make Acquia lightning your choice of distribution, we will provide you with our Drupal expertise to leverage and build a beautiful site together. Drop us a line at [email protected]

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