Drupal 9 Content Migration for a Florida city tourism website

Submitted by Maitreayee Bora on Thu, 06/02/2022 - 16:58
Drupal 9 Content Migration for a Florida city tourism website

Project Summary 

Our client, a Florida city tourism website, wanted to redesign its digital presence.  

With changing marketing and content goals, they were looking for a CMS which could cater to both their content and marketing needs. 

OpenSense Labs was able to successfully migrate 4500+ pages from Umbraco to Drupal 9 and enable the client to make use of more up-to-date industry-standard CMS tools, techniques, and best practices.  

About Client

The island city tourism website provides all the information about pristine islands, beaches and neighborhoods in the island city. From must-see spots to top things to do and hotel deals, their website has it all. 

Project Highlights

  • Website migrated from Umbraco to Drupal 9.
  • Implemented progressively decoupled architecture with dynamic elements built on React.js. 
  • Dynamic Listing Pages were created. 


The website was redesigned with the following goals in mind:

  • Create a cohesive web platform that caters to all of the target audiences. 
  • Update and fix out-of-date website technologies that are degrading the user experience and performance of the website.

Process and Solutions

Component-based development

As component-based development streamlines and lowers the level of development complexities, in this project, we went for the component-based approach in order to rebrand our clients’ websites. With this essential approach, we could successfully reduce the time taken to build the website to almost 50%. The use of agile methodology proved to be a great benefit as well. 

website interface with white background , text on centre and 4 images in the bottom

Simplified content workflow

The Layout Builder module in Drupal core has been very good support for developers, content authors, and Drupal Community. By using Layout builder in this project, we were able to keep our data well-structured and even allow the content editors and Drupalists to create pages, add any feature, or make any changes without any developer interference.  

Utilization of Pattern Lab

Since Pattern Lab is an application that helps you in organizing your UI components in a pattern-driven approach. We used it in our project for building and changing components which eventually reduced the overall developers’ time and efforts.  

Use of important Drupal modules

Most of the features and functionalities that a tour and travel company’s website requires, could be easily built utilizing the right Drupal modules. We used a lot of new and interesting Drupal modules to tackle interesting problems like the Honeypot module for spam control.


  • Better editorial experience - right from generating content to publishing it on the website.
  • Proper listing pages were created with many developing efforts. 
  • Reduce the time of building the website to almost 50% by using a component-based approach. 
  • Migration to Drupal proved to be the right choice eventually as it provided the flexibility to add any kind of content and made the content editors work a lot easier than it was before.
  • Our staffing service helped the client manage oscillating staffing requirements, brought on by changes to their tech stack, eventually enabling them to onboard effectively to Drupal 9.  

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