Business Benefits Of Drupal As A CMS

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  • March 9 2018
  • 4 min read

Provision of digital experience to befit the needs and expectations of a customer is of consummate importance. Firms look forward to providing a faster and nimble digital customer experience. They have to acclimatize in this fast progressing digital business and compete in the age of the customer. Drupal has been very crucial for the companies trying to set things in motion when it comes to digital business and has had a positive impact on their growth. 

Having an updated digital setup with modern day practices is not the only benefit of digital business, it involves whole different brand of operation. Enterprises are trying to leverage the full potential of going digital and have been strategizing the better ways of reaching out to the customer and simplifying the business processes.

To understand how Drupal actually facilitates the growth of the digital business, we need to classify this into three important questions :

  • Why is Drupal needed in the first place?
  • How is it crucial?
  • Where can we see Drupal making its mark?

Why Is Drupal Needed In The First Place?

The digital transformation of traditional businesses meets the demands of challenges thrown at you by this digital age which is changing at the lightning speed. The superabundance of benefits that digital business transformation has to offer is wondrous and Drupal has a mammoth role in making that a reality.

Merits of digital business

You have to adapt in this hyper-competitive digital business. Your next moves should not only be intuitive and ultrasmart, but your very approach should be based on real-time where you strive to bring contextual information on the table purely on the lines of what and how customers want it to be delivered to them. Furthermore, employees work with more collaborative efforts within a team and giving them the license to virtually work from anywhere effectively leads to higher productivity.

Research says it all

Deloitte Connected Small Business U.S. Research reports that advanced digital small businesses have actually created more jobs than traditional businesses and has innovatively reached newer markets. Also, Gartner has once predicted that the dearth of digital business competence can cause 25 percent of businesses to lose competitive ranking by 2017. Even, The Telegraph says that Tungsten Network, a global electronic invoicing firm, has transformed their supply chain through the power of digitization to provide better digital business experience for their 200,000 global customers.

Drupal's impact on digital business

Drupal is the flag bearer of digitization. It is not just for building sites but it brings a lot of innovation for aggrandizing and improving your digital business standards. Right from mobile-friendly sites to engaging the customers by providing them the benefit of harnessing the best out of Drupal anywhere and anytime, Drupal has had a whopping impact on the growth of the digital business as it focuses on delivering better data-driven experiences. 

How Is It Crucial?

Drupal has this knack of streamlining your business operations and boosts your digital strategies. Some of the significant benefits of Drupal in business are staggering. They are:

  • Responsive experience

Apart from being able to deliver mobile-friendly sites, Drupal follows mobile-first approach. The administrative pages can be easily handled across platforms. Being fully responsive, the Drupal platform can be efficaciously used to deliver content on web, phones or tablets. Thus, it enables better performance in the digital arena.

  • Personalization

In order to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and push organic traffic, integration of personalized content has to be done to propagate relevant content to the users. Through real-time content delivery and heightened user experiences, you can not only skyrocket user engagement with the multiple brands of your enterprise, but the loyalty of customers can be won by persuading them to propose their social recommendations and online reviews. This is achieved through the dissemination of segmented content based on user preferences via multiple channels for more targeted outreach which helps vital conversion metric.

  • Better accessibility

Whether you start off with a small firm or move on to build a massive empire, the scalable and responsive sites help in keeping up with the rapidly changing business environment. In addition to its splendid scalability, its inbuilt SEO modules improve search rankings. Moreover, its unmatched multilingual ability helps in the customization of interface with several languages. By integrating with external translation service providers like Lionbridge, OneHourTranslation etc., it has a proven success with language translation and localization.

  • Creative Freedom

What if you do not get trammeled just because you have signed a contract and have a ready future roadmap? Drupal gives you that creative freedom your organization needs to manage the development of a project at your own convenience and speed. It does not circumscribe you to stick to what was agreed on the contract and encourages new ideas and collaborative efforts to apply the best of the lot. Not only that, Drupal turns out to be an asset for an organization which is looking for implementing Drupal in their digital business as it seamlessly integrates with their existing marketing and sales technologies.

  • Editing

Allowing you to edit content across different screens with ease and efficiency is one of the most important trademarks of Drupal. Ever since its CKeditor was reworked with WYSIWYG editor, content authoring has become an easy task. Inbuilt editing has made editing and managing content on your site easier than ever before.

  • Open Source platform

One of the biggest advantages of being an open source platform is the availability of Drupal Community. Thousands of developers contribute to the Drupal platform by continuously updating and troubleshooting it to enhance the digital business experience. Furthermore, with the expansive and compendious security audits rendered by Drupal 8 like the clickjacking protection, it has also become the most secure version of Drupal out there.

Where Can We See Drupal Making Its Mark?

By now you must be wondering if there is a firm that has climbed up the ladder with the implementation of Drupal in their digital business. In an interview with Cloudways, the CEO of Flashpoint Marketing had a lot of praiseworthy remarks for Drupal. They consider that Drupal is a great platform with a fantastic community and it has a bright future.

Redactive Media, leading provider of magazines, digital media, and live events, has effectively replaced legacy CMS with Drupal and had success with its tremendous features. Embracing the open-source platform has not only reduced business costs, Redactive editors no longer had to grapple with bunglesome CMS and Drupal has, in fact, reduced build time enabling them to vie in this extraordinarily changing digital business. Redactive developers were in particular full of praises and agreed that they were enjoying Drupal. They do go by the notion that learning Drupal is a challenge and mastering it does take a lot of time but its flexibility to build virtually anything had kept them going.

To Sum Up

The advantages of Drupal for the technical fraternity is widely known and available. The business benefits of Drupal is what a firm seeks while making its foray into digital business and looking for lucrative possibilities. To learn how Drupal can be a gamechanger in your pursuit of business growth, contact us at [email protected] so that our development team can guide you through a great digital business experience.