Reflecting on 2021: A Memorable Ride for OpenSense Labs

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  • December 20 2021
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Gurpreet Kaur

With every ending, we are given a chance to retrospect the past and be prepared for the future. 2021 is ending and there is a lot to contemplate, a lot to be grateful for and a lot to celebrate. 

A much-awaited year after the pandemic-driven 2020, it brought along a new vigour for change and better times. With that hope, OpenSense Labs entered 2021 and strived to achieve more; more growth, more impact and more accomplishments. And we believe we managed to do that.

Like TS Elliot said, ‘To make an end is to make a beginning,’ so let’s remember 2021 and toast to it. 

10+ New Projects

OpenSense Labs’ success is the culmination of all our projects. From edtech to energy management; from fintech to non-profit; from healthcare to travel and tourism, we have acquired and completed over 10 multi-faceted projects. 

The logos of all of OpenSense Labs' clients are displayed on a pale blue background.

Drupal Impact

Being hardcore Drupalists, we endeavour to make an impact in the open source software. Drupal is what makes us us, so all our developers strive to make active contributions to the Drupal community. 

In Dries Buytaert’s annual blog, Who Sponsors Drupal Development? 2020-2021 edition, OpenSense Labs bagged Rank 4 in terms of organisational contributions by impact and Rank 10 as Top organisational contributors by quantity.

OpenSense Labs' rankings as organisational Drupal contributor are presented.

2021 went exceptionally well for our developers as well. Anmol Goyal, Gaurav Mahlawat and Ravi Shankar made us proud by being included in the Top 30 individual contributors by Impact. While Meenakshi Gupta became Drupal 8 GrandMaster, Yash Marwaha became a provisional Drupal core Committer Team Facilitator.

OpenSense Labs' top Drupal contributors are presented with their pictures and achievements.

2nd on the Global Drupal Marketplace 

This year, we were able to achieve the 2nd Rank in Drupal Marketplace Globally and attained the 1st Rank in India and held it for a quarter of the year. This was a monumental win for us and our team gets all the credit.

OSL's rank in Drupal Marketplace is shown.

All New Techtud: OSL’s Edtech Innovation

2021 marked the re-launch of Techtud, our very own edtech platform that is built to solve every problem associated with online teaching and learning. Focused on inclusivity, accessibility and ease-of-use, with advanced features and plentiful customisations, Techtud is the one-stop platform for teachers and students for e-learning.

Screenshots of Techtud's features are presented.

Continuity in Growth 

Strong, steady and perpetual, that’s our mantra of growth. 2021 was no different, we were able to accomplish the growth targets we had set to achieve. Our year-on-year growth was uniformly consistent. What impressed us the most was the fact that our LinkedIn community grew by a whopping 450%. Kudos to our team!!

A New Outlook of Working With Our Team as the Focal Point 

2020 made us realise how important our team was to us and that realisation translated into us becoming more employee-centric in 2021. With new policies and practices, we attempted to make our office better suited for our team. We developed new KRAs as well that focused on team growth. With a dedicated People Operations Team, we were able to introduce productivity and efficiency in the workplace and developed better communication, wherein every team member’s work was open and recognised. The stringent adoption of POSH made it safer too.

A Stream of Never-Ending Celebrations and Fun-Filled Activities

This year had its fair share of celebrations, despite COVID trying to dampen it. From Republic Day in January to Christmas in December and every festive occasion in between, we managed to have the best times throughout the year. Even when there was nothing to celebrate, we had engagement sessions just to break the dull monotony we found ourselves in. Hats off to the People Team for pulling out all the guns and letting us know and experience fun even on Zoom; you guys rock! 

Snippets of events celebrated at OSL throughout the year are given with photos.

With the office re-opening and normal coming back post-pandemic, meeting everyone and giving faces to the blank DPs on slack was surreal yet much needed.

The OSL team kept expanding with 40 new members and 3 new departments 

2021 was a prosperous year, our business grew and so did our work family. With 40 new members, we have a wholesome team that works marvellously together. 3 new departments catering to developments related to Laravel, Shopify and WordPress diversified our portfolio to provide the best solutions for our clients. Like it’s often said, the more, the merrier, right?

The number of team members who joined various departments at OSL are shown.

Aiming to Deliver the Best to Our Clients and Our Team in 2022

2021 is ending in a couple of days, but is it an end for us? We don’t believe so. The ending year is not an end and it’s neither a new start in the true sense of the word. What it is, is a continuation of our journey and that is what our plan is in 2021. 

We aim to give our clients our sole focus and ensure that all our projects at hand go as smoothly as possible. We aim to give our team the best opportunities and environment to develop and attain better results for themselves and us. We aim that together our clients and our team continue the journey to success we started this year and finish with a strong bang!

2022: Are We Ready?

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that being ready isn’t really possible. We couldn’t have been ready for 2020 and we weren’t ready for 2021. So, are we ready for 2022? We can certainly try. 

So, let’s cheer for ourselves and the year that is upon us! 

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