By: Vasundhra
October 12 2018

Top E-commerce Themes for Drupal 8

What is the very first thing which fetches your attention while you are browsing a particular website? I am taking a wild guess here, and estimate the answer to be the appearance of it. 

According to one Kissmetric report, 94% of the visitors position visuals appearances above other factors while shopping

An image of a notebook with block diagrams are made on the right page

Drupal themes serve an ideal experience for this purpose along with the customer’s taste. It serves an ideal experience for the user. You can use the best themes from the pack without slowing down your website or losing the color scheme. 

Here are the best Drupal E-commerce themes for 2018

What are the Top Drupal 8 E-commerce Themes?

  1. Commerce Bootstrap base theme

    Commerce Bootstrap base theme is a sub-theme for Bootstrap. It overrides the Drupal Commerce templates to match up with the Bootstrap and other dependencies. 

    This theme is examined to be used as a base theme, hence speeding up the theming of the Drupal Commerce store. 

    Here's how you can create custom sub-theme using Bootstrap.

    Screenshot of a website with a girl in a white dress holding balloons in the main block. One block on right and two folds below the image.)

    Features of Commerce Bootstrap base theme

    1. Grants the user with components that can be easily customized to the most precise design specs, and provide with a solid framework of interactions.

    2. As a website holder, the user can either change these themes using the Advanced Theme Settings or do these custom on the project itself. 

    3. There are many parts of Bootstrap that the user can reuse and restyle for the projects pretty easily. Parts like the grid, breakpoints, messaging and modals.

    4. In Drupal 8, there are many template files for almost every HTML component printed on the page, so the user can easily customize the way that Bootstrap classes are applied. 

      (It should be taken into account that this theme is not stable, hence updates may cause a break)

  2. Startup Growth Lite

    Startup Growth Lite is examined to be a free Bootstrap based Drupal theme. It stabilizes the modern and classic touch, including gorgeous typography, careful use of the white space with a pinch of a taste of minimalism. 

    Startup Growth lite is constructed and carefully crafted to accord with the best practices which are recommended for SEO.

    Primarily designed for the business and listing websites, Startup Growth Lite comes bundled with Drupal Commerce providing the user with many e-commerce solution right after installation.

    3 different devices placed alongside each other showing Startup growth lite theme as a  homepage


    1. This theme is based entirely on the Bootstrap 3 framework.

    2. It supports 1, 2 and 3-column layout with HTML5 and CSS3 languages.

    3. It provides the users with Font Awesome Module. This module provides the user with CKEditor plugin to let them choose the Font Awesome icons directly from the editor along with the Font Awesome Icon Field to join directly to entities. 

    4. There are around 12 carefully selected, awesome Color Schemes to select from. Color schemes that include blue, orange, red, pink and purple. Each of which consists of two different versions. The user can choose the one that fits their brand with a click on the theme-settings.

    5. This theme is a Drupal Commerce Ready theme and thus can be used to create E-commerce website. 
      (It should be taken into account that this particular theme is not stable, hence updates may cause break)

  3. SShop

    SShop is among those Drupal 8 themes which are responsible for providing the users with inbuilt support for Drupal Commerce. This theme is entirely free, and lets the user add as many fields as needed for a default product type. It is also responsive and intuitive at the same time.

    A picture of a girl wearing a fur sweater on the above section. At the below section there are 2 pullovers with 2 shirts placed vertically on the page


    1. Based on Bootstrap, SShop is a fully responsive theme

    2. It operates well with the Font Awesome Icons module.

    3. This theme consists of a multi-level responsive header menu which provided the user with smart menu libraries. 

    4. Views Slideshow modules are the ones which provide the slideshow on the homepage of the E-commerce website.

    5. The user can adjoin fields to the Default Product type.

    6. The homepage on a website is constructed with the Page Manager module.

  4. E-store

    E-store Bootstrap Multipurpose E-Commerce theme with an elegant design which is suitable for selling E-Store products. It is considered to be a fully responsive Drupal theme which adjusts automatically to any screen size or resolution. 
    Built with all the “must have” features of an online store in mind, E-store is constructed to meet any type of commerce site project's specific needs. It offers integration options with some of the most popular commerce modules like eshop, PayPal cart ect. 
    Because of the open-ended nature of the design, addition of supportive shopping carts won't cause a headache to the user. 

    Screenshot of e-store home page that has a picture of a girl with white background


    1. E-store is a fully responsive, Bootstrap based theme.

    2. It operates well with the Font Awesome Icons module.

    3. This theme lets the user add fields to the Default Product type.

    4. By using the custom layout homepage is built with the help of Page Manager module

    5. It has many different layouts of the product

      (This particular theme is not stable, hence updates may cause break)

  5. Belgrade 

    Belgrade is Drupal Commerce out of the box template which is specially designed for the purpose of creating business websites. Although this particular template is still experimental, It should be noted that it is not a stable design. 

    White background with an image of a green shirt mentioned with the price and other important features on the left side of the page



These are our top five recommended Drupal 8 e-commerce themes that you can use. 

Good themes only lead to an improvement and engagement with the website’s content in addition to being attractive. Therefore, having a website with striking layouts and styles is not only significant for a website but crucial too.

Drupal themes are extremely powerful. They provide the website with more than just colors and layouts. 

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