By: Shankar
April 25 2018

Top 10 Drupal Themes for 2018

You go to a website and are sometimes awestruck by its sheer brilliance because of its spectacular design and appearance. It intrigues you so much that you want to imbibe that sort of look and feel for your site as well. Not just you, you want others to have similar experience while landing on your webpage. Themes are an exciting means of lending your site a dainty look. Drupal offers a superabundance of options to choose from to select the best theme suited for your site.

Themes let you do the alterations in your website and give it a more responsive design. It also ensures that your website looks great across all platforms.

We have compiled some of the best Drupal themes that you can consider for your website in 2018.

Bootstrap Mint

bootstrap mint theme

Bootstrap Mint should be among the top of your listicle that can intelligently make your website look stunning.

Based on the powerful framework of Bootstrap this mobile-friendly and responsive theme works tremendously in laying out a website design. It lets you dynamically design the site by giving you up to 4 column layouts and more than 25 regions that you will ever need.

With its retina ready icons, responsive slideshows, and multiple drop-down menus, it is best viewed on higher resolution screens.

Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme

Drupal8 Zymphonies Theme

Zymphonies Theme is a free Bootstrap-based responsive theme works wonders for all kinds of websites and display dimensions.

Its flexible blocks change their widths automatically and give you static banner for the page title and descriptions. It offers you up to 3 column layout web pages and provides multilevel Drupal 8 menus.

Moreover, you can add social media links and also change any copyright content from the theme settings page.


Marinelli theme

Anyone who wants a ready to use and easily customizable theme can go for it.

Marinelli gives you 3 column system with 8 collapsible regions. With its built-in rotating banner feature, you can upload banners wherever you want.

You can even use headings for primary links.


Omega theme

For a simple UI, this can be your best bet. You can use any of the existing page designs and customize the website layouts.

You can also create sub-theme and clone theme through Omega interface.


Nexus theme

With its clean design, Nexus gives you 2 column layout and 12 block regions.

Flexible slideshows with images and captions included and multilevel drop-down menus with the support of multiple languages make it great for navigation.

It is mobile-friendly and is superb for blogs, small businesses, and portfolios.


Jethro theme

It is an easy to use Bootstrap based multipurpose theme with the support of multilevel menus.

You can customize slideshows and social media icons, in Jethro.

This is wonderful for Businesses, Corporates, and Portfolios.

Business Responsive

business responsive theme

An out of the box corporate theme, Business Responsive has a minimal design and a modern look.

This comes with the provision of upto 3 columns layout and permits you to configure upto 16 block regions for organising content on your webpage. It lets you add social media icons and has multilevel drop down menus.


Mayo theme

Mayo gives the power to customize and design your website as per your preferences.

You can specify colour for the theme elements like header and footer, choose the heading font type, adjust the page width, use menu bar styles, and add background image for the header area.

You can even improve insite searching by placing search form to the header area.


zircon theme

It has a clean and prominent design can be a fruitful option for the product based and service-oriented business enterprises.

It is highly useful with its features like browser compatibility, responsive design, mega menu and slideshow carousels.

NewsPlus Lite

news plus lite theme

NewsPlus Lite is a free Drupal 8 theme based on Bootstrap framework.

If you are a news, blogging, or a magazine site, you can use it to a great effect. There is also a premium model of this theme that you can try out.

Its multiple layouts and clean tabs permit you to develop simple and attractive sites for your business.


Having an awesome appearance and feel for your website is significant for your business. Drupal Themes provides a plethora of options for website designers to choose from.

This is our top 10 list of themes for 2018 that you can try out.

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