OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: May 2022

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  • June 6 2022
  • 2 min read
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Maitreayee Bora

Doesn’t it feel great to talk about your amazing work culture to the rest of the world? Well, it does and that’s the reason I am here to take you to the exciting company culture of OpenSense Labs (OSL). 

Let me tell you that OSL is fully invested in employees' growth and development. Want to see how? Here we go! 

A proud moment for OSL

We must be all aware of the DrupalCon events which are generally conducted for uniting thousands of people from around the world who develop, use, design, and support the Drupal platform for much better innovation and invention.

So, for DrupalCon Prague 2022, OSL’s two of the aspiring employees’ session on Best Practices for Effective Team Management got selected. Akshita Rawat (Marketing Lead) and Abhijeet Sinha (Project Manager) made OSL proud by their effective contribution and support to the Drupal community.

Acknowledging employee efforts

One of the best ways to value employee efforts is through encouraging and appreciating their contributions. We ensure that our employees are celebrated at the times of their career heights and are given full support at their career crisis.

Some of the occasions like work anniversaries are given a priority in order to boost up the employees’ confidence and inspire them to dream bigger. Then always keeping the door open for new joinees and interns is what OSL does. We were happily joined by a Quality Engineer, and a Project Manager in the Technical team, and a Business Development Intern who looks up-to meaningful contribution in the organization. 

An image displaying the working culture of OpenSense Labs

Saying YES to celebration

Celebrations are an integral part of life. Saying NO to celebration is not an OSL thing. Therefore, we do not leave any occasion without celebrating it to the fullest. Be it birthdays, or any other festivities, we make sure that our work culture is full of joy, laughter, and happiness. This May, 2022 we were fortunate enough to celebrate the festival of hope and peace, i.e. Eid with the OSL family. 

An image displaying the working culture of OpenSense Labs

So, apart from the above initiatives, OSL didn’t fail to connect all its employees with the monthly newsletter which consists of all the activities happening in and around the organization. 

Also, we introduced a much more reliable employee time tracker software, Clockify for the better optimization of employee productivity, and even Keka, which is considered to be a SaaS employee experience platform that combines HR, ATS, payroll, and performance management in a single suite of tools for our employees. 

An image displaying the working culture of OpenSense Labs

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So, this is how OSL is fully committed to its employees' growth and development. I hope this article could inspire you to prioritize company culture along with achieving organizational goals and objectives. 

Since without a positive environment it isn’t possible to raise the productivity level of an employee or an organization as a whole.

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