By: Harshit
December 29 2017

Drupal Distribution: Open Social. Everything For The Community Platform.

Open Social is an online community and intranet solution for nonprofits and innovative companies. It is currently employed by customers like the United Nations, Greenpeace and hundreds of smaller organizations to connect with their employees, volunteers and other stakeholders.

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What does it comprise?


Personalise your news feed with the people and content you want to connect with.


Notifications keep you up-to-date, but only when you need to be.

The activity center shows all your incoming notifications. Smart push notifications keep you updated in the application and by email.

Users can adjust their notification settings on their personal profile page to ensure they only get the notifications as per preferences.

Sign-up by default

User sign-up feature to let the users enroll and connect with the community and start their journey on Open Social.

Activity Streams

The activity stream gives all of your users a personalized overview of your community. The algorithms ensure you only see updates which are relevant to you. For example; if someone likes your post or comments in a group you are following, this will be shown in your timeline The personalized activity stream is central to all the interactions of individual community members. A lively and engaging timeline will keep your users coming back for more.


Analytics allows you to monitor the success of the community.You can keep track of the KPIs you have set for your community with our Analytics suite. Monitor active versus inactive users, engagement (comments and likes) overall and on posts, user-generated activity (posts, topics, events, groups) versus activities of the organization with the push of a button. Monitoring these activities will allow you to analyze what results you are getting from your community building activities and help you set clear targets for your community.This will help you adjust your strategies to maximize the KPIs of your community.


Events connect your on-and-offline experiences. Your community members can enroll in both private and public events. Event managers set the location and date and control visibility settings. Users can follow events and post comments to keep the discussion rolling or organize their own Events bridge the gap between the on- and offline engagement of your community members. Getting people aligned with common interests ensures the long-term health of your community. This makes events a critical part of any successful community building effort.


Publish posts which can be used for both public and private settings


Powerful user roles to differentiate rights for community members


Lets community members connect with one another for full engagement and utmost utilization of the platform.

Opensocial homepage
Open Social's community panel

To Sum Up

Open Social is a community platform which is much cost friendly and saves the industry-standard development time. It has everything under one roof for Non-profits, profitable organizations, and innovation-bound organizations.

Organisations should not go for full-development when Open Social resolves it all in a flash. Depending on their current website’s dynamics, our resource involvement depends.OpenSense Labs has always been keen towards finding the appropriate solution for clients and prospects in general. Feel free to reach us out at [email protected] for help.