By: Akshita
August 21 2018

Important Modules for Your Drupal E-Commerce Website

E-commerce is not a core feature in Drupal, but the functionality can be achieved with third party contributed modules.

These days, stores can't contend without offering great e-commerce alternatives, and 56% of in-store purchases are influenced by digital commerce. This implies, that if you aren't reaching out to your customers online you are not leveraging the opportunity of more than 50% of your potential revenue.

The e-commerce industry is blasting and doesn’t hint at backing off. 

Drupal is house to a robust architecture, number of effective marketing tools, e-commerce features. The e-commerce community in Drupal continues taking off ground-breaking highlights to help build simple, powerful, and intuitive sites. Here’s a list of Drupal modules that are handy when building or revamping your E-commerce store. 

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Top Drupal Modules for your E-Commerce Website

  1. Drupal Commerce

    Drupal Commerce, tops the list of the most adaptable web-based business answers for an e-commerce site. Although e-commerce is not a core feature but the easiest and popular way to do it in Drupal is with Drupal Commerce. The module in itself is a holistic e-commerce framework for e-stores.  

    Drupal Commerce is easy to configure and ready to deploy out-of-the-box. It is designed to be customizable and can scale up to support large enterprise e-commerce operations.

    Drupal Commerce is flexible to satisfy more complex requirements from cart to the tax. Therefore the first module is DrupalCommerce. 

  2. Commerce Price Rule

    Commerce Price Rules is a module for the store owners. A flexible module, it allows the owner to set conditions and then let the system decide the price according to the conditions fulfilled or not. 

    The conditions can be based on the user role, product type or product variation type, login - log outfor specific products or specific product variations, or other custom conditions such as the IP address or the country of the customer.

    The final price is calculated on the defined calculation method which can be a percentage or fixed amount off the base product price. It could be presented as a price defined on a price list or a custom solution.

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  3. Commerce Shipping

    Commerce Shipping as the name suggests provides a shipping rate calculation system. Integrates shipping service selection into both the checkout form and order edit form. 

    Shipping service availability and rate calculation is handled in the user interface through Rules and is backed up by an API that gives you a high level of flexibility to implement simple or complex shipping scenarios.

  4. IP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country

    The module identifies a visitor's IP address in order to recognize the geographical location (the country) of the user and store it in the database. IP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country makes the determination, stores it to provide the information for use by other modules like Commerce Price rules.

    A function is also provided for you to perform your own lookup, to use in your own manner. Features include automatic updates of the IP-country database and admin spoofing of an arbitrary IP or Country for testing purposes.

    The technology behind the database used to make the association between IP address and Country is hosted and maintained by ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, therefore the database is 98% accurate. 

    There is no need to separately download or manually update any of the data - this module takes care of that for you.

  5. Currency Conversion

    The age of globalization has brought pros and cons with it. One of the challenges for an e-commerce website is to convert the payment without much hustle.

    The Currency Conversion module provides your website with currency conversion page, input filter, amount/price display, currency information & metadata, and amount/price display functionality.

    One of the important factor to note is it ships with custom and historical fixed rates. 

  6. Commerce Wishlist

    In order to bring back the customer, the wishlist saves the product for later purchase. he Wishlist module provides a Wishlist. Products added to the wishlist have displayed image, add to cart button, stock, and price. It comes with a wish list page featuring a similar interface to Commerce’s Shopping Cart and a block. 

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  7. E-Marketing
    1. Subscription 

      The Recurly module provides basic subscription billing and subscription management services. The module can work in conjunction with your existing payment gateway or merchant account.

      The main features include receiving push notifications. It also includes built-in pages for users to view invoices, subscriptions, and to upgrade/downgrade their subscription level. 

    2. MailChimp

      One of the most successful marketing tactics, email marketing remains incomplete without Email marketing. E-mails are a better way out to increase sales and personalize the sales. 

      One of the features of the MailChimp module is to make it easy for the website users to control which of your email lists they want to be on (or off).

      More generally, it makes your email delivery world efficient and to make your user's email receipt and control simple and precise. However, the services are free if email volume is kept below a certain threshold.

  8. Payment Gateway

    A payment gateway is used to help conduct online transactions and needs to be secure to ensure sensitive customer information passes seamlessly and remains safe. 
    1. Commerce Stripe: The Commerce Stripe module integrates Stripe with Drupal Commerce, providing a tokenized payment gateway. Customers can make payments in your Drupal Commerce shop in a secure way without leaving your site.
    2. Drupal Commerce SagePay Integration: SagePay integration for the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout system. Supports off site redirect type, server, and direct credit card payments for Drupal Commerce. Following are the features supported:

      * Form (offsite redirect) payment method.
      * Server (iframe) payment method.
      * Direct payment method

      You can also integrate Paypal Express Checkout, Paypal Credit, and Amazon Pay with your Drupal e-commerce website to increase the sales.
  9. Physical Field
    Not all the products on sale from your organization would be of the same unit. The Physical Field module provides an API for storing and manipulating physical measurements.

    It supports all kinds of unit conversions.

    Some of the supported measurement types are Area, Length, Volume, & Weight.

    Other than measurement types, following are the field types -

    * Physical measurement: Stores a single measurement and its unit.
    * Physical dimensions: Stores the length/width/height measurements and their unit.

The substantial development in the concept of ‘e-commerce’ has kept the online brands on their toes. And this is where Drupal provides its unmatched services for your e-commerce platform.

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