By: Akshita
September 28 2017

DrupalCon Highlights: Day 3 at Vienna

DrupalCon Vienna is about to end with just one last day left.

Click to know what all happened on DrupalCon Vienna Day 1 and Day 2.

Day Three had all the interesting sessions and creative tweets. It was a sad and emotional day on Twitter as well as this would be the last DrupalCon Euro. But the fun fact was everyone was enjoying it to the fullest. Here is our list of what all happened on Day Three.

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And here we go...

Beautiful Morning To Start With

They Feel No Blues

Pull Your Socks Up

And A Good Thought To Start Your Day With

Some Relief For People

Some Awareness On Its Way

KeyNote Knowledge

Droll and Owl? Ouch!

Only Backend Permitted

Did Anyone Get The Prize?

Anyone Hungry?

Enjoying Their Own Way

Security Is An Important Issue

And Great Mustache Too

Do We Really Need That?

What Makes You Happy?

Community Work

EveryDay One Dose Of Decoupled Drupal

Off For The Mission

D Stands For Discussions

Picking Up Your Druken Friend Be Like

Making Us Understand

Learning Together

And Some Emotional Tweets Too

Excuse Me. Not The Last Day

Making New THings WIth Drupal

Some Facts

Alas! Some Time For Rest

Time To Wrap Up Things

Closing Session

Thank You Austria

And The Announcement for The New @DrupalCampLondon

With Some Identity Crisis

And Childhood Love

And So Day Three Ends.