By: Akshita
September 26 2017

DrupalCon Highlights: Day 1, Hallo Vienna!

The Drupal community is at Vienna. A quick glance into what happened at Day1. And hey, don’t forget to check if your tweet is featured in the post.

No matter what you do or how long you have been part of the community, DrupalCons bring with them load full of opportunities for you to learn new things and meet exciting people from across the globe. Drupalcon Europe happening at Vienna, Austria (26-29 Sept) is the most happening place for the next 3 days for the Drupal community. Let us have a look at what all happened in the day and how the community celebrated.

Welcome to Vienna

Happening for a scheduled period of 4 days Drupalcon Vienna (Sept 26-29) was flagged off today with a beautiful inaugural prenote session. Scroll down to see what all happened today at Vienna, Austria. And do let us know what was your favorite tweet.

Preparing for the pre-note: Drupalers can be seen practicing for the pre-note.

More from prenote: More prenote preparations on the way

The number of tweets on the prenote singing tells how much people loved the performance. One Christoph Breidert‏ tweeted "Prenote singing dancing wuuuhhhing awesome".

Just Before The Keynote: The pre-note ended with a song dedicated to the community

Start with a smile: Smiling Drupal mascot

Happy Drupal: People can be seen enjoying the sessions @Drupalcon vienna

Must say it was houseful and here we go: And here’s how it started...

And It Starts…: And the most awaited keynote starts #Driesnote

With #amazing photography skills

Echo: Time to unite as a community

Growth Everywhere: What did they talk about?

And a lot of growth: Drupal 8 is improving

Rock N Roll: And the all-time fav Druplicon was rocking and rolling the ground (like literally)

#WHATISTRENDING: #OIDA was slaying the trend along with Beer, of course

Live voting happened at Drupalcon Vienna about the most trending word and the results are as such.

#KILLINGTHECOMPETITION: DrupalCon Vienna is for Oida or Beer?

#WINNER?: The competition was neck and neck and the winner is …

Up!Up! : Headless Drupal keeping its head up high

The #Driesnote: Who is Drupal for?

In the #Driesnote, Dries covered important questions like “Where is Drupal heading to”, “Who is Drupal for?”, “Who is supporting Drupal” and “How much the growth has been”. #Driesnote also focused on the new challenges the community and the project faced and how (and what) the community can make it better for its users.

Ambitions up high

Quick recap: The reality check.

Mixed reactions

Future and the community: Is auto updates the next Drupal thing?

Together forever: Group photo be like

As far as the eye goes

Time to get technical

Not too technical though: And then a bit funny ones too

#LOSTnFOUND: And then someone seemed lost

New projects new priorities

Housefull: Of excitement

#BEER: Everything one needs to refresh their mind

#CodeIt: But we like the nail paint more than anything

For the #DrupalQueens

And..: Learning never stops

Something for everyone

Anyone listening to her?

@SensioLabs who is the winner?

Sessions: We are all ears

The liquid hug for your brain

Try the tasty recipe at home

Take note of it

#DrinksEverywhere: The drunken elephants

Can you see me?


And it ends... - Just one more time the video from prenote