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  • December 28 2017
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What is Opigno?

Opigno is an open source e-learning platform based on Drupal that allows you to manage your online training, and efficiently ensure that student, employee and partner skills remain up to date. Opigno LMS is designed for companies, corporations, and universities, looking for an e-learning solution which is flexible and is easily scalable.

What does it comprise?

Role management

Role-based flexible access control. By default, roles include Students, teachers, coach, and administrator.
Add as many as you want, using fine-grained control over what each role can do (or not) on the platform.

Global tools

A global calendar which consolidates as per users. All the events related to the courses will be seamlessly synced and made available across all languages.

Global and course-specific forums come by default in this distribution.


Allowing you to sell subscriptions or products. Time-based subscription management (users can subscribe to one or several courses for a period of time along with the option to auto-renew on expiration.

Tools inside courses

Use the easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor to create great learning material for your students. Handy templates make it easy to feature different sorts of content on the website.
Quizzes (true/false questions, multiple choice questions, matching questions, long text question, grouping question, fill-in blanks question) with a centralized questions database. Apart from theoretical, you also are equipped with:

  • Video gallery
  • Events and announcements
  • Forums
  • Surveys
  • Video conferencing features (live meetings)
  • Statistics
  • System-wide messaging

Course management 

  • Course catalogs with public/private courses
  • In-house meetings management
  • Possibility to group courses into classes for a global cursus management
  • Course prerequisites: make your students finish one course before getting access to the next one, or use entrance test for courses
  • Manageable quotas for each course or class
  • Automatic PDF certificates generation for each class or course.

Collaborative tool

In-built interactive chat with workspaces, allowing to share asynchronous messages, share files, todo lists.
Live meeting solution with screen sharing, whiteboard, and recording capabilities.

Demo for Opigno; homepage for opigno
An insight into Opigno's by-default functionalities.

Beyond everything

  • It is cost friendly and saves the standard development time

  • Provides an equipped website with pre-built components which trim the development time and procedure.

  • It is for conducting numerous activities/tasks in time and with due efficiency. For example, making announcements, event declaration, platform news, declare results and much more

  • It provides a user experience which gels well with the learning cycle. Some key components such as classes, tutorials, notification, interactive tests, various profiles, and announcements are well adaptive in nature.

Opensense Labs has always been keen towards building new pillars for education. Finding the appropriate solution for your educational purposes, that is what we are here for. Let us help you with your concerns or requirements at [email protected]

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