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How can personalization and CRO help you?

Personalization is advanced targeting and segmenting of your clientele diversity. The personalization module brings direct and implied personalization to Drupal websites based on demographics. This means you can deliver optimal personalized content to your visitors no matter where they reside.

Great content is gold, but delivering the right content to the right user at the right moment in the right format is platinum. Personalization will help you reveal visitor behaviour; acknowledge their age, language, location, status, and devices, which will make it easier for you to publish curated content for specific buyer personas.

Take the Starbucks app for example. As part of their digital loyalty program, they created an app that enabled users to order and pay for products. Not only did this reduce the conversion funnel, but also allowed them to collect rich data around specific customer buying habits providing tailored rewards, to yes, you guessed it, further enhance CRO.

Personalization and CRO work the best together. Facts and statistics show that 73% of customers prefer personalized shopping experiences, and 86% of them admit that personalization plays a key role in influencing their purchase decision. The Conversion Optimization Report 2015 found that 1/3 (32%) of businesses reported a major uplift in conversion rates when using personalization.

How will we do it for you?

We learn about visitor's preferences and interests; based on these insights, use machine-learning as well as rule-based learning to automate the delivery of personalized content.

CRO and personalization have always been bundled together to our clients. We follow a strict methodology to help you connect and get the best out of your potential customers. We examine your traffic, assess your visitor behaviour, understand their problems to help ourselves formulate and deploy a strategic decision to accelerate your crowd & conversion rates.

Let us take you that road. Let us handle hurdles in your way to success.

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