OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: February 2022

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  • March 4 2022
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Maitreayee Bora

Along with company growth and higher business revenue, what else does your organization require? Well, it requires a happy workforce that is full of passion and enthusiasm and can take up any challenge coming across their way of delivering good work productivity and outcome.

Now, here comes a very important question, as an organization what can you possibly do to make your employee’s work-life good and satisfying? I believe that by putting a little more effort into the work culture you can add a lot of value to every single employee. 

Now, I will take you through what OSL did for its people during the month of February 2022. Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 

Preparations for the annual trip are in full swing!

Alright! We all must be tired of the restrictions that were imposed upon us due to the pandemic, right? 

But due to the improving condition hopefully, things are getting better, and guess what, we at OSL are planning for an awesome office trip almost after nearly two years. 

Everybody is super excited and eagerly waiting for the trip to begin.  

Birthday celebrations, cakes, and a slew of fun activities

This February our People Operations Team didn’t fail to keep our employees engaged with exciting fun activities. And not only that, but they also conducted an interactive session with the managers of different teams for enhancing the overall team bonding within the organization. 

Also, when we talk about company culture, how can we miss the birthday celebrations? Our slack gets overloaded with warm birthday wishes.  

An image displaying OSL culture for the month of February 2022.

Words of appreciation

By celebrating a work anniversary, you can increase employee loyalty and show how much you really care about your people. Therefore, the work anniversary celebration is one of the efforts that is made to improve the company culture at OSL. 

As we give opportunities to the interns to showcase their skills and talents here at OSL, we do acknowledge their work efforts and results by rewarding them with the Intern of the month recognition. 

In fact, we also prioritize welcoming the new joinees who look forward to making a valuable contribution to the organization. Some brilliant minds joined our different teams of OSL such as 1 in Accounts, 1 in Sales, 1 in People’s Operation, and 3 in Technical team who are looking forward to giving excellent work performance and contribution. 

An image displaying OSL culture for the month of February 2022.

More sneak peek from OpenSense Labs Culture:

I would like to conclude by saying the fact that maintaining a good work culture is everyone’s responsibility. Each person or team is accountable for accomplishing the desired culture in an organization. 

And we here at OSL are well aware of it and therefore, put that extra effort into supporting the company culture for a better future.

OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: February 2022
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OpenSense Labs Culture Roundup: February 2022
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