Drupal Distribution: Varbase. Drupal 8 Starter Kit

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  • September 12 2018
  • 2 min read

Install Drupal and you have all the features that you need. No messing around with anything. Sounds great!

Well, that’s Varbase - the Drupal Distribution - for you. 

Varbase is a Drupal distribution packed with adaptive functionalities and modules, to fasten your development and deployment time while providing standardized configurations, making your life easier.

Varbase is built on the concept of DRY - Don’t Repeat Yourself. It lets you handle your website while relieving you from repeating all the configurations that are part of Drupal. 

Here are all the features that Varbase provides you with:

  1. Fully Optimizes On-page SEO
  2. Responsive Previews & Mobile Ready
  3. Media Management Made Easy
  4. Developer Friendly Drupal 8 Distribution
  5. Create Landing Pages
  6. Flexible admin dashboard
  7. Improved Editor
  8. Social Media Ready
  9. Multilingual CMS & Translation Tools
  10. World’s Most Advanced Web-forms System

What are Distributions?

Distributions are a full copy of Drupal that includes the core, along with themes, modules, libraries, and installation profiles. 

Varbase Features Explained

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Search engine optimization is a set of rules and practices which help business owners improve their online reputation. Drupal has numerous modules for SEO but most of them are not part of the core. 

    But in Varbase all of Drupal's needed on-page SEO modules are preconfigured for best results. The list Includes Metatag, Simple XML Sitemap, Redirect, Real-time SEO for Drupal (Yoast), Google Analytics, RDF, and an enhanced markup!

  • Responsive Previews & Mobile Ready

    One of the popular front-end framework - Bootstrap - is part of the Varbase. Its subtheme provides responsive pages and tools. Also part of it is several pre-configured modules for you such as Responsive Theme Preview.

    Add to that, Varbase comes with preconfigured responsive image styles for all media/images you'll use.

  • Landing Page Creator (Paragraphs)

    Create landing pages easily with Paragraphs. With paragraphs, you can add text with a WYSIWYG-editor, pictures, complex layouts to your pages – and change the order. The preview mode, gets a good idea of how your page will look like in the end.

    landing page of varbase


  • Flexible Administration Dashboard

    A dashboard is what's missing for better Drupal administration experience.

    Varbase comes with Varbase Total Control Dashboard dashboard that is built on top of total control admin dashboard module, utilizing Panels, Google Analytics reports, and several enhanced blocks and widgets for an intuitive and flexible administration experience.

  • Editing

    Drupal 8's inline editing capabilities with an enhanced theme makes it easy for the editors to edit articles right from within the page. The Edit Mode lets you change the headers, body, content, and replace images too. 

    Another editing feature is content and metadata versioning. Editors can access a complete revision history for all edits performed on the webpage. Varbase also offers a visual and side-by-side comparison of content edits to highlight changes in an easy and effective way. 

    The content lock module is also part of the editor which helps prevent concurrent editing.

Organisations should not go for full-development when Vardoc resolves it all in a flash. Depending on their current website’s dynamics, our resource involvement depends. OpenSense Labs has always been keen towards finding the appropriate solution for clients and prospects in general. Feel free to reach us out at [email protected] for help.

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