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Yash Marwaha

Yash Marwaha is a Project Manager at OpenSense Labs. He loves literature & repeals disorderedness at the workplace. Apart from charting his life plans on Trello, he likes the occasional gym sessions.

 "A goal without a plan is just a wish" ~ Larry Elder   For the longest time, since I started exploring this unwinding and intricate field of Drupal Project Management, a balanced and smooth approach towards complex and dynamic Drupal projects has eluded me. Like the 21st Century itself, projects these days are dynamic as their boundaries gradually change to reflect the ever-changing needs and… Read more
The challenges faced by the project management personnel while collaborating on complex projects is common wisdom. The impediments are further amplified when working with a diverse and distributed team.  Different time zones, cultures, client expectations, delivery dates are reason enough for a project manager to submerge under a mountain of stress and surrender. However, I assure you that these… Read more