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A true nemophilist and a devoted pizza lover, Vasundhra is a content writer by day and shuffle dancer by night. She finds peace in listening to trap and dubstep music.
When she is not busy writing or dancing, she is at a corner somewhere, toiling with fictions and autobiographies. A big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Joey’s commitment to food. She can be found quoting philosophical lines almost every hour of the day.
Website owners are often trapped inside an imaginary bubble where they make conclusions like “There are more valuable sites in the web world, why would mine be targeted by the hackers?”  And Alas the bubble is busted when they observe that hackers have attacked their site because let's face it- they would never discriminate between any choice they are getting. They want a website to attack, and… Read more
Unequivocally, 21st century is considered as an innovative era, and there is no doubt to the fact that having a website contributes largely to the innovation.  Owning a website is like owning a business card, it is an essential segment that shouts “I am a professional, who is open for business”. So, if you have a website, it would typically be the very first interaction for an individual that… Read more
Ah! those days, when copies of movies were sold in the form of DVDs, fast forwarding and rewinding through the scenes made us feel that the power is all in our hands.  But with the evolution in technology and internet presence  (in terms of marketing a film), the need for a movie website has come a long way after witnessing a growth in streaming services.   Setting up a movie website means… Read more
Modifying existing code might be all fun and games for a developer, but what about the time when you have to venture out to unknown shores and create your own custom modules?  Scary, right?  But you shouldn’t fear because Drupal 8 is here. Drupal 8 uses a PHP framework called Symphony which relies heavily on Object-oriented programming. It has been granting its users with benefits like code… Read more
Referred to as the de facto standard of e-learning, Shareable Content Object Reference Model aka SCORM was sponsored by US Department of Defense to bring uniformity in the standards of procuring both training content and Learning Management Systems.  Long gone but not forgotten are those days when learning was only limited to books and classrooms. With the development of technology, virtual… Read more
In his book Frontend Architecture for Design Systems, Micah Godbolt from Microsoft states there are four pillars of frontend architecture.   These four pillars are: Code - how to approach the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of a design system  Process - processes for constructing an efficient and error-proof workflow Testing - creating a stable foundation on which your site is built and… Read more
If I say that in today’s booming social era, having a Facebook or Twitter account is not enough in terms of web presence for your music, you would agree, right? We all know that having a website for the same purpose, not only delivers a professional impact on the audience but also eliminates the restrictions that these external sites would have.  For instance, you desire to put banners on… Read more
It has been quite some time since Decoupled Drupal has been a resonating term. This API-first approach with “Create Once, Publish Everywhere” technology separating the content from the presentation layer, has been providing new dimensions  to the web technology.  But what does that really mean to a web developer or a marketer? It means that you have the opportunities to create and publish… Read more
Throughout history, technology has been the riding force of the changes around the world. All thanks to the advancement in the digital revolution, the limitless progress in innovations have started building a sustainable today. The rapid growth of competition among the enterprises to engage the audience across every digital channel with relevant content has grown to become essential. These… Read more
While constructing a hospital building what is the most important factor which provides safe access to all the people? My whole attention is diverted upon the very first priority of virtual planning, and that is building of ramps. If you ask "why?”, the answer would wind up to one conclusion - Ease of accessibility disabled individuals.  Imagine if the design of the building can secure modular… Read more
How Drupal is helping to construct better paths in the journey of content management? As a content strategist, we know that “Content is the King”. We hustle every day to create splendid content that’s deserving of even getting close to that royal title - because let's face it, we all want our content to be unique and surprising.  The content can vary from blogs to forms to contact address. The… Read more
As a part of the audience, we unanimously measure the quality of experience by one simple factor - how long does it take to get what we want. Right? In today’s customer experience economy, organizations are no longer compared on the basis of their direct competition, but they are compared on the basis of the services they provide to their end users. And according to the National Retail… Read more
When the whole world works on the simple facet of fellowship how can the healthcare industry not constitute to the same concept?  Development and marketing collaborations between the healthcare organizations and web development agencies can be mutually beneficial. Whether your healthcare organization is built on Drupal or if you are looking for redesign and new prospects with Drupal, there are a… Read more
It begins very simple. A virus, just one, latches on to one of the cells and tricks that cell in making lots more. Lots, and lots more, like a million new viruses. And a healthy cell is fooled to join the dark side and play with the immunity of its own host body. These types of viruses can be witnessed everywhere, and by “everywhere” I am focusing on the machines. 48% of the email traffic… Read more
We are told from a very tender age that no-one is quite like us. We are special. But what if that is not true. There are plenty of modern-day evidence that would suggest that we all, in fact, have at least 1 doppelganger out there in this big wide cosmos. So, if the creators of the universe have the tendency to duplicate human bodies, would humans themselves leave this race? Around 25-30% of… Read more
For those of you who were into systematic timetable in their childhood are aware of the fact that how important it is to plan out and manage work, and for those of you who were not in this coherent, well! we all are aware of the “night before exam” tales.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t work when you are living a corporate life. There are projects which are worth more than our lifetime’s earning,… Read more
The use of internet has to be considered as the most powerful resource known to mankind. We have been granted with the access to information that may be tough to digest in a lifetime, thus taking full advantage of that data would be concluded as part of our own rights.  UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognized that the access to information should be equal for every… Read more
Validated by the “State of Drupal 2016 survey”, two of the most demanded features by the content authors participating in it were - media integration and digital asset management. Hence, “media initiative” was proposed for Drupal 8. For the people who are using Drupal as their “media handling” would agree that Drupal has improved with its every release. In Drupal 8.4, experimental core media… Read more
What is the very first thing which fetches your attention while you are browsing a particular website? I am taking a wild guess here, and estimate the answer to be the appearance of it.  According to one Kissmetric report, 94% of the visitors position visuals appearances above other factors while shopping Drupal themes serve an ideal experience for this purpose along with the customer’s taste.… Read more