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She is a former Content Associate at OpenSense Labs. She is a Melophile and Teaholic. Apart from being a full-time writer, she loves reading randoms and watching diverse genre TV series, with  Breaking Bad and Band of Brothers being her favorite.

All about Drupal development and the people behind. More and more businesses look for Drupal developers as the market has been skyrocketing for the past decade. Drupal has emerged to be an enterprise-level content management system compared to rivals Wordpress and Joomla.   As Drupal development involves various segments, there is always a scope of confusion regarding skill sets and… Read more
With the advent of new technologies, rapidly evolving coding standards and improved infrastructures have led to the evolution of web development tactics and strategies. The medium that facilitates successful web development by keeping the various pieces together is termed as a web application architecture. Frontend and Backend are the two main subparts of a web application architecture.  One of… Read more
Every once-in-a-while companies have face-time with someone others code. These are the inherited codebases that are no longer considered optimal for the organizations, termed as the legacy codes.  The most crucial inventory to keep, dealing with such old codebases is quite a challenge for the teams. And if not handled properly, these codebases bring many hidden risks along with them.  This… Read more
A web page or a website is of no use if the people visiting it are not able to access it properly. By accessing we mean the appropriate navigation through the website and other related actions. This may be possible due to their inability to understand the website which makes a webpage purposeless for such users.  The statistics from the World Bank show that there are 1 billion people with… Read more
Microservices has taken the application development industry by a storm. It has left a huge impact on the organizations by bringing many major benefits. Working on microservices is more of an art than a science. Application developers usually find it hard to get a catch on what’s and how’s of a well-designed microservice architecture.  We have mentioned microservices in many of our previous… Read more
The world is going mobile at a very fast pace. Smartphones, tablets, laptops have been the new luxury for the current generation. People want to have easy access to everything. The technology updates happening daily have made it possible for people to go beyond communication on mobile phones. Accessing the website on cell phones may create a confusion loop for the people as many times these… Read more
Rapid and efficient delivery of a software system to the customers is vital if an organization wants to establish an indelible presence in the market. A continuous deployment process with no interruptions makes the difference. The companies acquiring a top position in the distributed systems chart perform thousands of deploys in a day without breaking. Netflix and Expedia are two such elite… Read more
The rise of the Internet and technology has expanded the realm of the digital world. Security is of prime concern for an Internet user besides a seamless user-friendly experience. Visitors or application users expect organizations to retain SSL certificates, use compliant payment services, and protect their data and information from getting leaked to the hackers. Security and user-experience are… Read more
Competition among companies is based on strategic partnerships. When the association is technology-based, expansion of the network happens faster, eventually broadening the industrial horizons.  The fundamental problem faced by the organizations while moving ahead with these technology-based association is the long-running obsolete business systems. These old systems are not polished enough to… Read more
Serverless is the new tech industry jargon. Cloud-based services such as Lambda, Google Cloud, Azure Functions strikes-in as soon as we hear the term serverless architecture. The introduction of AWS lambda in 2014 took the industry by storm with its cost-efficient cloud-based application deployment. Even though most of the serverless frameworks run in the cloud. It is also possible to perform the… Read more
DevOps has driven the IT application development culture explicitly towards a new paradigm. It has revolutionized the software development process by enforcing development(Dev) and operations(Ops) teams to work in close collaboration with each other. The continuous deployment and infrastructure improvement through agile adoption have made swift delivery and release of the IT services.  Higher… Read more
Cloud computing has brought the hidden revolution in the IT industry by shifting people from traditional local storage and processing to network-based services. Additionally, the reliable internet connection has assembled a lot many opportunities by leveraging effective distant communication among computers. Contrastly, with cloud computing, the thought process of computers has enhanced. Moving… Read more
The definition of cloud-native varies explicitly and when blended with a continuous delivery (CD) paradigm has revolutionized the modern application development model.  Organizations, small or large, are implementing the cloud-native architecture for their development environment in order to make the process of building an operating software efficiently.  The rapid switch to the cloud-native… Read more
Completely cultured DevOps practices are required for the successful implementations of cloud-natives. There has been seen in change functionalities and liabilities as the infrastructure is moving into the cloud. Consequently, the interaction between developers and operations teams has been refurbished to some extent and is still ongoing, shifting the definition of DevOps to a whole new level. … Read more
Kubernetes is acquiring the cloud space at a rapid pace and is becoming the operating system for the cloud. The extensiveness of Kubernetes has brought many big benefits for the developers and the organizations. The year 2017 has seen the inception of many native Kubernetes service providers and the restoration of many other container orchestration platforms forming a solid foundation for the… Read more
DevOps has emerged as a revolutionary movement for the development of a full-fledged software and its implementation, keeping the entire system flexible, secure and reliable. We have been seeing a lot many DevOps definitions lately. In very common terms, DevOps can be described as the set of fundamentals which with the help of extensive tools forms a cultural base in between the Development(Dev)… Read more
Testing is essential earlier to the launch to assure the correct functioning of hardware, software or any other product under development. Testing keeps the confidence intact of the team when a full-fledged tested serverless application is launched into the outer world. Analogous to any other system in the world it is indispensable to test and monitor the serverless applications after they are… Read more
Microservices has helped the organizations to improve their application building procedure. The quality of application development enhances and also deployment is getting simplified. Earlier to the implementation of microservices it is advised to ponder over the data maintenance and management for the same.  The utmost care and measures need to be taken while handling the data in microservices… Read more
The emergence of new tools, tactics have bloomed the software development landscape. Testing being ‘the most’ important stage of the entire software development life cycle has progressed rapidly. Automated testing has emerged as a major when it comes to continuous testing and continuous delivery of a successful software product. They say the test automation has made the testing process easier,… Read more
DevOps has revolutionized the modern IT world by bringing developers and operations teams to work in close coordination than ever. This alliance has taken the development industry to a whole new extent by breaking down the traditional barriers. Shorter development times with less friction in the software development life cycle has worked wonders saving both time and money of the organization.… Read more
Microservices has been reached to a much more progressive stage since its inception. Also called Microservice architecture, it is an alternative to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is being used to develop a varied variety of large software applications where the systems have been divided into many smaller chunks, unlike the monolith in which the services comes as a single well-defined… Read more
Keeping the security and privacy of the data always on the check is said to be one of the key exercises for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Small, medium or large scale when it comes to digital threats or things harnessing the privacy and security of the data and information a semantic approach needs to be followed for the same. Ransomware, legal battles, DDoS (Distributed Denial of… Read more
The software technologies developed lately have solved many common problems of the people and have made their expectations raised to a par level. Customers are now adhering to quality, performance, services, and reliability of the software organization. Businesses are running head over heels to offer better solutions for new product additions, troubleshooting, client services and to match the… Read more
One on One Software conversation is the layman definition for Application Programming Interfaces. These are the most tangible solutions for building and connecting many modern-day applications and software. It has been seen that with APIs, the power of development has increased, resulting in the final software deliverable development in a very short duration of time. In short, we can say that… Read more
The last few years have seen a major shift in the application development process. With the emergence of trends like Agile and DevOps, the whole scenario for the development of application software has changed gradually. Organizations are working head over heels to deliver new software or an Internet application in an innovative way keeping the speed of development up to the mark. This has helped… Read more