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She is a former Content Associate at OpenSense Labs. She is a Melophile and Teaholic. Apart from being a full-time writer, she loves reading randoms and watching diverse genre TV series, with  Breaking Bad and Band of Brothers being her favorite.

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Roles Facilitating Successful Drupal Development

Industry insights by industry experts & professionals over a one-on-one discussion. Industry insights by industry experts & professionals over a one-on-one discussion.

  • September 30 2019
  • 7 min read
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Roles Facilitating Successful Drupal Development

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Divide or Join: The Frontend Backend Dilemma

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Legacy Codes: Addressing Technical Debts

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Accessible and Inclusive Web Design in Focus

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A Comprehensive Guide to Microservices

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Mobile Solutions Powered by Drupal

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The Road to Progressive Delivery

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Secure by Design: A Web Development Essential

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Revamp Businesses with Blockchain and Microservices

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