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Mohit Pal

Mohit is an Opensource enthusiast and loves to learn and spend time exploring Drupal and currently working on Drupal 8.
He loves to hang out with his friends other than traveling. Being a tech lover, he is always into chomping the latest gadgets.He plans to continue his lure for Drupal 8.

The <meta> tag is one of the secret tools for a better SERP. Despite the fact that, today, there are new and improved tools available, Meta tag still remains a popular choice. In the tutorial, we will learn quick and simple approach to add metadata with the Drupal metatag module.  Already popular as an SEO-friendly CMS, in Drupal 8, the Metatag module is bundled with a number of sub-… Read more
One needs to research, assess, and evaluate in order to grow. While most people believe the basic formula for higher traffic is the higher number of keywords. Keyword ranking is one of the key measures of SEO and so an important part of the SEO strategy. But it is not the only way to measure the success of your SEO. One of the best ways to measure the success of your SEO is through Google… Read more