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A Content Associate at OpenSense Labs, Jayati Kataria is a social media aficionado. When not scrolling down her Instagram feed, she can be found reading classics on her way to new adventures around the world. Also, she loves to binge watch and catch on the trending TV series.
The marketing landscape vastly offers opportunities to drive business strategies that in turn influences the decision making boundaries of an organisation. Major marketers in the industry understand the importance of ease and efficiency when it comes to implementing processes and enhancing the user experience. To their advantage, Drupal offers this faculty and flexibility to integrate tools that… Read more
A lot of buzz around “Decoupled Drupal” is taking place and it has quickly become ubiquitous in the industry. Drupal has won hearts by embracing the newest of technology and presenting the best of possibilities. The full separation of the structure from the content has aided the content management systems with appropriate means to accelerate the pace of innovation.  In this blog, we will address… Read more
In the realm of technology, we are making progress towards a better tomorrow. As Machine Learning/artificial intelligence has taken us one step closer to the dreams of automation, the progress in the last one decade has truly been phenomenal for the IT. Adopting measures has helped frameworks deploy processes, but failure of systems has made a mark too. However, automation is still a boon for the… Read more
Are you playing safe with the “best practice rule book”? Expect 80% chance of failure.   In this digitally accelerating era, we are always on the outlook to create new opportunities that demand inclusive technologies and efficient platforms. Among Machine Learning and Big Data, Enterprise Software is also an entrant that aims to improve enterprise productivity and output through its… Read more
Serverless architecture is the inevitable future for IT leads. Major players in the technology sector are moving towards cloud platforms. Allowing the developers to skip writing for a particular OS platform or hardware infrastructure, the cloud vendor can provision and manage major computing resources. But there’s a catch: it comes with the risk called ‘vendor lock-in’. It is becoming a huge… Read more
Though a challenging and time-consuming undertaking, migration is yet an important part of Drupal and plays its crucial role whether updating from Drupal 6/7, or when switching and importing data from another content management system (CMS). As most of us have gone through the process of migration at least once in our experience with Drupal, we are well aware of the problems and unforeseen… Read more
With Drupal 9 on the verge of release in June 2020, the Drupal community has about 18 months to map out a transition plan. The latest versions of Drupal in recent times saw a major breakthrough from the past versions. As the philosophy of development has changed, Drupal 9 is said to be built in Drupal 8 and the migration will be super easy this time. Released in 2011, Dries announced the end-of-… Read more
A web design is a phenomena that took years to evolve with a shifting paradigm of design systems. In order to create manifold digital products that can be brought under one single umbrella, component based design systems were introduced in the recent past. Being much more easier and efficient to maintain, components like cards (a combination of text and buttons) and forms (a combination of inputs… Read more
In the previous article on the microservices architecture and its principles, we learnt about the architectural style of a collection of loosely-coupled services structured to improve modularity. We scrutinised the key concern areas that affected the workings of a microservices and how your team can challenge those pit stops in the security of microservices.  Continuing with the microservices,… Read more
IT teams are always wanting to build new applications enabling specific functions for the ease of processes or customers. Sometimes, in order to balance projects they allow distributed teams to work on focused targets using reusable assets, templates, and best practices. While decentralising and democratising application development helps, managing security can be a task for strategising… Read more
An instrument for value-added benefits like increased agility, speed and reduced costs along with serverless computing and dynamic provisioning, DevOps practices have been found wanting in cases requiring a secure delivery of code. However, security is a double edged sword. On the forefront it eliminates unsolicited elements and on the other hand, it might act as a roadblock with an extra step in… Read more
Want to launch a business website? Is it in the planning stage and the design team is in a dilemma about how to make it accessible and inclusive enough? ‘Personas’ is the key word for you!  One of the most significant design strategies to emerge from the user-centred design movement in computing from the mid-80s, persona in UX Design is the characterisation of a user who represents a segment of… Read more
In the 18 years long journey, Drupal has evolved in many aspects from responsive Bartik to decoupled Drupal. With every new release, the Drupal community comes up with impressive new modules and improvements in the existing ones. However, emails haven’t seen the light of the day in the last one decade from Drupal. The emails that we send out are still the same via its robust system.  Being on… Read more
Long awaited and much needed in the pipeline, the Layout Builder was finally launched in May 2019. With an ambition to create a content tool that can provide more power and flexibility than comparable systems, the Drupal community had been working on a super progressive visual tool for more than a year. Earlier, the digital marketers had restricted templates to work with and were not satisfied… Read more
Management of an organisation in this cloud-era is often a critical aspect and the new generation of technologies seems to promise a transformation in its infrastructure. Any large scale company like Amazon, Netflix, Google or Facebook have sensitive environments and practice no tolerance policy for downtime as their systems handle hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions every day. There’… Read more
If Spotify were a Singaporean radio station, it would be the 3rd largest by weekly reach. As TNS reports, at least 2 out of 5 Singaporeans with internet connection are streaming on Spotify which is more music streaming in this market than ever before. Recently, every global brand or business is looking to enter the Asian markets and gauging its potential for them.    As a business, you are… Read more
‘75% of the world’s population doesn’t speak English!’ Every local company aims to become international and spread its wings to fly over a bigger skyline. After reaching the highest threshold in the homeland, the business can only expand by entering a bigger pool of market. And Asia is the best bet when it comes to establishing your product/service in a booming marketplace. However, going… Read more
Thanks to the new range of technologies, the working culture across platforms and boundaries has evolved and lead to the fourth industrial revolution. Fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, the advancements have impacted all disciplines, economies and industries along with the cognitive abilities of our minds.  How humans collect, organise, maintain, and process information has… Read more
Studies suggest that 90% of user abandonment of an app, website or online shopping cart can be attributed to visual bugs. This churns out from a simple fact that visual deformities is the first thing your user sees when they land on your website or app.  What affects the look of the site is the testing of your site for the introduction of bugs(regressions). When you make additions or tweak… Read more
Welcome to the world of web components. Adhering with existing web standards, web components are nothing but a collection of technologies combined to allow developers to create reusable components(bundles of HTML, CSS, JavaScript). They let us effectively describe the implementation of HTML elements that already exist for the web. The technologies are said to be the shadow DOM, <template>… Read more
DevOps is one of those concepts that everyone talks about but very few understand completely or are able to implement it. As opposed to a tool or methodology, it is more of a culture that organisations can imbibe and incorporate between development and operations within a team. It involves a high degree of collaboration across roles focusing on the business than on  departmental objectives.  Few… Read more
As a company working in B2C module where every view or like can be of potential conversion, it is essential to consider optimising marketing tactics. The widely scattered process of marketing involves a lot of tasks that get monotonous and hinder the productivity of the marketing team. Instead of focusing on the enhancement and growth, the trivial actions consume the limited time at hand. Hence,… Read more
“The wealth of business depends on the health of workers.” Dr Maria Neira, Director, Department of Public Health and Environment, World Health Organisation Officially, we work for only 8 hours a day. But I’d believe that when you love your work, you are always working or thinking about it. And even if it’s true otherwise, I would like to ensure my health and productivity are in perfect… Read more
As diversity and inclusion goes hand-in-hand, they have become popular buzzwords among the modern companies that are trying to embrace the ever changing and growing team culture. According to Simma Lieberman, an inclusion expert and author of 110 Ways to Champion Diversity and Build Inclusion, “In an inclusive culture, everyone has the opportunity to do their best work no matter who they are,… Read more
Accessibility as a means is a way to ensure equal access for people with disabilities(physical and virtual) as others. Non-disabled people do not face the same hurdles and challenges that a disabled person does in a day-to-day life and thus, many ignore the trivial needs when addressing or working in the public sector development. From the construction of ramps at sidewalk crossings to adding… Read more
A recent survey by Synopsys reveals that almost 70% of corporate organisations are either contributing to or participating in open-source projects. Gaining attention in the web development industry, open source is more about proactively engaging and promoting communities around shared challenges. More than being just about publishing codes, it’s about supporting the abilities of developers to… Read more
Consistency is a key element in two things, success and web development and both go hand in hand when working on developing a website, either from scratch or revamping an existing one. What aids this consistency is the ability to recognise a pattern that is often repeated in the process and then followed for achieving a common result. Ensuring a consistent and easy to maintain website is one of… Read more
Who doesn't want their site to be a success? But are you prepared for that success? And how can you be 100% prepared for it? What all measures are to be taken to ensure it? One of the most important measures is load testing. It helps expose and identify potential performance killers and provide insight into how a site will perform in the wild under peak traffic spikes. What is Load Testing?… Read more
Change is the only constant. That’s the lesson we need to adopt when it comes to embracing Drupal 8 and migrating from Drupal 7. Since the launch of Drupal 8 in 2015, many new challenges have emerged among developers and one of them includes forking Drupal. Quoting Dries' opinion on embracing change: “The reason Drupal has been successful is because we always made big, forward-looking changes… Read more