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A Content Associate at OpenSense Labs, Jayati Kataria is a social media aficionado. When not scrolling down her Instagram feed, she can be found reading classics on her way to new adventures around the world. Also, she loves to binge watch and catch on the trending TV series.
Accessibility as a means is a way to ensure equal access for people with disabilities(physical and virtual) as others. Non-disabled people do not face the same hurdles and challenges that a disabled person does in a day-to-day life and thus, many ignore the trivial needs when addressing or working in the public sector development. From the construction of ramps at sidewalk crossings to adding… Read more
A recent survey by Synopsys reveals that almost 70% of corporate organisations are either contributing to or participating in open-source projects. Gaining attention in the web development industry, open source is more about proactively engaging and promoting communities around shared challenges. More than being just about publishing codes, it’s about supporting the abilities of developers to… Read more
Consistency is a key element in two things, success and web development and both go hand in hand when working on developing a website, either from scratch or revamping an existing one. What aids this consistency is the ability to recognise a pattern that is often repeated in the process and then followed for achieving a common result. Ensuring a consistent and easy to maintain website is one of… Read more
Who doesn't want their site to be a success? But are you prepared for that success? And how can you be 100% prepared for it? What all measures are to be taken to ensure it? One of the most important measures is load testing. It helps expose and identify potential performance killers and provide insight into how a site will perform in the wild under peak traffic spikes. What is Load Testing?… Read more
Change is the only constant. That’s the lesson we need to adopt when it comes to embracing Drupal 8 and migrating from Drupal 7. Since the launch of Drupal 8 in 2015, many new challenges have emerged among developers and one of them includes forking Drupal. Quoting Dries' opinion on embracing change: “The reason Drupal has been successful is because we always made big, forward-looking changes… Read more